It baffles me to hear that state Governors have concluded plans to borrow from the pension savings deposited with the National pensions commission for whatever reason best known to them.

We must be quick to remind ourselves that most of these Governors have plunged their respective states into deep debts and nothing to show for.

I want to ask, what is it that is attracting them to National pensions commission, when most of the states are not faithful with payment of pensions to the pensioners? Oh, has it suddenly dawned on them, that pension savings is something to rely on?

I speak on behalf of workers in Nigeria and pension contributors, that state Governors must desist from tempering with our savings, as many of them cannot be trusted with loans, judging from past antecedents. We have seen how many of them, wasted the ‘Bail Out fund’s on nothing.

I will advise the state Governors to look inward, to other means of generating income and revenue, possibly by reducing the cost of governance, instead going to take money from pensioners’ savings.

Comrade Opaluwa Eleojo,


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