Igala settlers are found in Illushi, Ifeku, Iyenlen, Ekperi, Ubiaja, Igboha, Anegbete and Agenebode. It might interest you to know that Agenebode and Anegbete are just by the river side opposite Idah, the ancestral homes of all Igalas.


So, Igala fishermen and fishwives (women buying/selling fish) had been camping across the river Niger in these areas temporarily until some made there a permanent home.

According to history, Igala of Illushi crossed river Niger directly from Idah and settled in IlIushi/Iloshi.

Igala in Ifeku migrated from Iyaño, Ibaji LGA of Kogi state. They were sent to fetch some ropes for building the house of the king but did not go back home (Ifiku or Ifikwu means to fetch ropes. Ikwu or iku is rope).

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Ekpeli/Ekperi Igalas migrated from Ifeku Igalas.

Ikpoha Igalas migrated from Ifeku Igalas.
Iyenle, Anegbete and Agenebode Igalas were said to have migrated from Idah to these areas, some in groups while others joined later by some persons for their fishing and farming ocupations.

Ubiaja Igalas were from Ukwaja in Idah LGA of Kogi state, as confirmed by them during their recent visit to Attah Igala in his palace.

In almost all these places, Igala language is still used for communication among the Edo Igalas. Igala tribal names are used by some too. Please note that other tribes are also in these areas with the igala settlers. Up till today, Iyano people still hold “family” meetings with people of Ifeku, Ekpeli and Ikpoha, they all share the same culture, greetings, festivals, etc.

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