Kogi Guber: Jibrin Akpabana Enjoys Acceptability at the Grassroots


As the Kogi State’s pivotal November 11th Governorship election approaches, a wave of grassroots support is sweeping through Kogi East region, firmly positioning Admiral Usman Jibrin Oyibe, fondly known as Akpabana, the Accord party flagbearer, as the preferred candidate for the people.


His remarkable reception during a comprehensive ward-to-ward tour across Kogi East has not only solidified his candidacy but also established him as a beacon of development and progress for the state.

Akpabana’s campaign has been characterized by an impressive surge of popularity, particularly evident in the resounding endorsement from the grassroots communities he has visited. His strategic approach to reaching out to the people at the local level has resulted in massive turnouts, setting him apart as the front-runner in the governorship race. This enthusiasm has been particularly conspicuous in Kogi East, where Admiral Jibrin has garnered significantly more support than any other contender.

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Among his notable stops, Dekina witnessed an overwhelming reception, with an enthusiastic sea of supporters turning out to welcome the charismatic candidate. This fervor only intensified as his campaign trail continued, reaching its zenith in Ajaka, where Akpabana has become a household name and has established a formidable presence across various social media platforms, further solidifying his widespread appeal.

Beyond the enthusiastic welcome, Admiral Jibrin’s extensive and comprehensive promises have struck a chord with the people of Kogi East. Among his pledges, the commitment to construct a bridge for the residents of Bassa local government has resonated deeply, addressing a vital infrastructural need in the region.

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The profound impact of Akpabana’s leadership and commitment to development were on full display during the graduation ceremony of the Naval College Okura. The institution, established by Admiral Jibrin during his tenure as the Chief of Naval Staff, stands as a tangible testament to his dedication to progress.

This accomplishment has underscored his credentials as a candidate with a proven track record of transformative initiatives and sustainable growth, positioning him as the best-suited contender for the role of the next governor of Kogi State.

As the November 11th election looms ever closer, Admiral Usman Jibrin Oyibe’s growing popularity, his grassroots acceptance, and his history of impactful development initiatives are paving the way for a potential transformation of Kogi State under his leadership.


The people of Kogi East, as well as the entire state, are looking towards a future brimming with potential and progress, inspired by the promise of Akpabana’s vision for a better tomorrow.

Shaibu Anaja writes from Lokoja

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