Being Physically Challenged Not A Death Sentence – Deacon Ade Bada


Those with disabilities and are physically challenged in the society’ have been asked not to see there condition as a death sentence.

Deacon Ade Bada, Journalist cum Publisher gave the advise at a Motivational Meeting, Tomorrow Can Be Better, Daring the Storm of Life, encouraged those going through one form of disabilities or life’s challenge not to see death as an option, rather think out of the box.

Deacon Ade Bada, Journalist Turn Cleric, Delivering His Inspiring And Motivational Speech To Audience At NUJ Press Centre, Lokoja On Sunday. A Physically Challenged, Bada Urged Those Passing Through The Challenges Of Life To Get Closer To God And Not To Loose Hope In Realising Their Purpose In Life

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He said he was moved to his new life to encourage others that storms are normal with life, says it is a period that calls for critical thinking, to make life meaningful in a challenged situation.

He adviced people challenge not to see a life of depending on others or begging as an option, says being Physically Challenged does not make you less inferior to other person’s not physically challenged.

He says he has written books and become a motivational speaker even as a physically challenged person, says his condition has not made him to see himself as a liability.

He paid glowing tribute to his wife for standing up for him, says she has examplified the Maxim that marriage is for better for worse.

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