Describes him as a sustainer of good course.


Words are not enough to show how happy I am to celebrate with you on your third year anniversary in office as Chief of Staff to the Executive Governor, Kogi State.

As Chief of Staff in Kogi State, you have demonstrated trust in value of leadership, integrity in the power of leadership and empathy in the vehicle of leadership.

You’ve shaped and helped the growth of nascent democracy in Kogi State and it is very obvious that the government of New Direction Administration is wonderfully doing well in providing basic social amenities and other infrastructural Development for the People of Kogi State.

You’ve been a true and thorough leader, great stabilizer, a sustainer of good course, you’ve been a man on the side of peace, tranquility, love, unity, equity and fair play.

Good governance with good intentions are your hallmarks, implementation with the fear of God and integrity are your core values and passion, your philanthropic gesture, humanitarian services cannot be equated through the length and breath of Kogi State and you’re a man with such immense qualities indeed you’re a bridge builder.

On behalf of the Disability Community in Kogi State, we make bold to say we’re proud of your outstanding exploits.

Congratulations and happy third year anniversary in office Hon. Chief Pharm. Abdulkareem Jamiu Asuku.



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