Leadership is a privilege to better the lives of others, it’s not an opportunity to satisfy self interest or one’s greed.


Leadership is not just about holding exalted positions, but the test is in the dedication and service to the people, and true leadership is about service to the people we are representing.

It is undoubtedly true that Kogi West Senatorial district needs a leader with integrity, foresight, and passion that is what we found in Honourable Sunday Karimi.

Honourable Sunday Karimi is a man of impeccable credentials, tested and proven that will deliver the Kogi West Senatorial district of our dreams and take us to the promise land.

SUNDAY KARIMI, the voice we need, the change we deserve 2023.

A Vote for Honourable Sunday Karimi is a vote for Qualitative, Effective and Egalitarian Representation.

Support and Vote Honourable Sunday Karimi and all APC Candidates for prosperous, Effective, responsive and Egalitarian representation.

Insha Allahu

©Comrade Hamidu Tete Jibrin kupa

By joshua

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