Abdullateef Ibrahim, or Marshal as he is alutally known, is someone i came to know in 2018.


First meeting outside the campus prior to the NANS unity convention in Abuja, his friendly posture, sense of judgement, selflessness and Leadership Skills and Acumen strongly endeared him to me. We have since been and have remained brothers and friends.


As a Man and Comrade, he is one principled but Dogged fellow, who’s Leadership, Communication, Solution finding and Problems Solving Skills are spots on.
His Leadership orientation is envelope with purpose, service, and loyalty.

My call or view that Marshal be considered and entrusted with the mantle of Leadership of the Legislative Arm of our beloved Association NAKOSS, adduces but not limited to the followings:

The matters of our dear NAKOSS being the biggest and most potent umbrella body of Kogi State Students, as the best idea and legacy of our past Leaders and stakeholders, and as the priceless asset and platform for the future, cannot be treated with levity or be taken for granted.
Hence the need to entrust its leadership into competent, capable and trusted hands.

Marshal is a household name in Kogi State students Struggle and particularly in NAKOSS having served competently and diligently as the Director of Transports in 2020-2021 NAKOSS executives.
He also seriously contested for the office of the President during the 2021-2022 Convention before he was prevailed upon by our Leaders and he yielded as a loyal and true servant with sincerity of purpose.

As the Senate President of the National Body of Lokoja Local Government Students 2018-2019, he also performed creditably well.

He has the Goodwill and acceptance of the generality of the Students.

His creativity, sense of urgency, and proactive leadership approaches are not in doubts.

He has been around quiet enough to be trusted. And he is well equipped to handle the job most effectively and efficiently.


1. He was the first Director of Transport with a project in NAKOSS-National.
He carried out the “GYB/PYB Free Campus Transportation Program” on Campuses within the state.
It was to appreciate and support H.E. Alh Yahaya Bello for payment of subvention to all national tribal student association and SUG’s, increase in bursary, proscription of ASUU/ASUP, refurbishment of schools across the state etc.
It was also intended to ease the movement of students across their campuses as they go about their academic activities.
The programme was appreciated by the students and even the school management for been truly concerned about the welfare of the students.

2. Marshal was not the first National Senate President of National Association of Lokoja Local Government Students but was the Senate President whose leadership of the NALLGS-Senate were the first to mobilize all Presidents of local chapters (Senators) across the nation for sittings in Lokoja. He achieved three senate sittings in one year which saw to the ammendment of the NALLGS 2003 Constituition to meet up with the realities of today.
His leadership of the NALLGS-Senate also established the Lokoja Pupils Parliament – an assembly of head boys and girls of secondary schools within the local government area where they state and discuss challenges they are facing in their respective schools during plenary. After which solutions were brainstormed and proffered to the government both at state and local government.


1. Marshal was amongst the last 3 standing NAKOSS Presidential aspirants last year. And I was confident of victory due to the Goodwill and popularity he enjoys between and amongst Kogi State students across the globe. But was asked to jettison his idea and ambition for the sake of equity, fairness and justice directed towards the female folks/comrades.
This call by our Leaders and stakeholders and coupled with him being a disciple of the New Direction Government of GYB, he yielded without bitterness and grudges.

2. It is widely believed that, base on existing rotational arrangements, it is the turn of Lokoja/Koto to produce the next NAKOSS Senate President. And within this axis, Marshal’s name is on the lips of many as the most Competent and right antecedent for the job.

From the foregoing postulation, observation and findings, there is no gainsaying that;

i. Let he who the cap fit wears it.
ii. He who comes to equity must come with clean hands.
iii. If we want peace, we should always work for justice.
iv. Injustice somewhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
v. Marshal’s NAKOSS Senate Presidency is synonymous to putting a round peg in a round hole.
vi. One good turn deserves another
vi. *it’s Marshal’s Turn* 💪🏻

I therefore bet to state unequivocally that anything short of the yearnings of the majority of NAKOSSITES will be a gross disservice to the students and Humanity.

Opinion by Comr. Adama Ayuba Ibado-Akpacha *Kogi State Coordinator, Coalition of Northern Groups – Students Wing(CNG-SW)* ✍️

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