Nigeria’s Democracy, Still A Journey, Not A Destination Yet


By Dr. Phillips Omeiza Salawu.

Nigerian Democracy is a journey and not yet a destination. There is every room and every reason for its optimization to suit our peculiar National Realities.

Nigerian Democracy should accordingly be a Guided Democracy because an unguided Nigerian Democracy would produce the unintended consequences of disunity, political instability and a possibility of Balkanization or finally a Liquidation!

Democracy is not always a game of numbers if unity and stability are the overriding interests. In America, the Father of World Democracies, the absolute majority did not give Hilary Clinton the American Presidency in the 2016 Presidential election, indicating that some other more important variables were considered to moderate the harsh consequences of absolute numerical strength. It is idealistically dangerous for anybody to think and believe that for now, in Nigerian Politics as far as the Presidential Seat is concerned, that the key elements of Ethnicity, Region and Religion (the Nigerian Moderating Variables) are not important or relevant in the election of the occupant. These three factors or variables easily divide us as a Nation and it would be prudent to consciously take them into account in our Strategic Political Arrangements. Accordingly therefore, the Nigerian Presidential Power should alternate between the Northern and Southern Nigeria while simultaneously rotating amongst the Six Geo-Political Zones of the Country: NCZ,NEZ,NWZ,
SEZ,SWZ, and SSZ! To optimize this Alternation and Rotation arrangement, a Dual Vice-Presidency is being advocated whereby there will be the VP-Political to come from the same Zone and same Region with the President so as to maintain the Strategic Balance in any situation of Political Accident while the second VP, the VP-Economy comes from the other Region to bring the sense of Unity and belonging amongst the two main component parts of the country; the North and the South! The doctrine of Guided Democracy for the Nigerian State is to ensure harmony, unity, peace, National Security and Political Stability. This is the simplest form of National Political Restructuring that guarantees peace, security and stability.
Dr. Phillips Omeiza Salawu. FCA.
Deputy Governor, kogi state (2003 -2012).

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