Hon. Raimi Sani: The Great Bridge-Builder and Messaiah of our Time.


Whether one believes in a religion or not, and whether one believes in rebirth or not, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t appreciate kindness and compassion. Honor should indeed be given to whom it’s due for true happiness is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.

*Hon. Raimi Sanni* a paragon of Excellent personified.
A prime gift, great virtue and rare substance, whose devotion, commitment and hard work to the life of our youths has been able to nurture and bring up illustrious sons and daughters of our land *(Ajaokuta)* into various sphere of influence.

His contributions has given hope, reshaped and repositioned the mindset of many in the society today, especially the needy and less privileged.

It is no longer *news* to us on how he has given scholarship to many who felt their end has come as a result of some unfortunate and unforseen circumstances around them.

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The most recent was the scholarship he offered to the children of late *Abdulhali Ikunaiye* from Ajaokuta Steel Camp who died few months ago.
He offered a full time scholarship up to the children of the deceased up to University level, all bills and expenses fully settle in advance.

Nacros in his dynamic business management, describe ‘Leadership as primarily the act of creating confidence’. *Hon. Raimi Sani,* you don’t just establish new socio-political-economic emancipation in Ajaokuta Local Government today, you have established confidence in your followers; you have given them encouragement; you have lightened the tunnel of hope to the hopeless; you have given them the ability to think and take decisions that could stand the test of time.


Our great up-coming leader, *Hon. Raimi Sani,* the indefatigable Bridge-Builder of our time; you have done what other leaders in the area have failed to accomplished. You have not only changed the political narrations in Ajaokuta Local Government, but a rare feat in human and infrastructural development you courageously brought to the area, is tremendous to count, that has long eluded the great leaders of the past. You have also extended a Handshake beyond the three districts in the area, as a visionary and detribalized leader of our time.

Indeed, in you, *Hon. Sanni Raimi,* the advocate of common sense of socio-economic and political revolution, responsible and fearless, but armless fighter, who has remain the hope of the common man in the community. With budding, energy, creativity, doggedness and profound wisdom, you have re-written the history of Ajaokuta Local Government in the progressive stage of the New Direction of good governance and developmental strata of our amiable governor *Yahaya Adoza Bello.*


At appropriate time when the socio-political and economic development history in Ajaokuta Local Government is being written, there is no doubt that your name, *DEFINITELY* will be etched in *GOLD.*

*Hon. Raimi Sani,* you are indeed, the socio-political and economic reformer of Ajaokuta Local Government today, a new Messaiah and mentor that we have been dreaming of has come!

He who wishes to secure the good of others has already secured his own.
God in his Infinite mercy will always guide, guard, protect and see you through in all your endeavors.

*By: Idris Isah Itopa,*
_*Co publisher, Arewa Trust Newspaper, Abuja.*_

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