ANYIGBA: The Unabated Killings And the Missing Igala Elites –

Usman Okai Austin .

Even if the Commissioner of Police is deployed to Anyigba, the killings would not stop because the perpetrators have the backing of some strong forces. At the moment, all stakeholders in the land must come to a round table, since no just leader can tolerate this in his own land.

There seems to be an element of tolerance here as those vested with leadership responsibilies are not crying out to the higher authorities for help or assistance. It therefore means something is internally wrong in the land. It is so obvious that “A heavily weaponized mafia gang” are reigning their mayhem terror and wanton killings with dangerous firearms unabated. It is therefore safe to say, that the proliferation of firearms in Anyigba and it’s environs is on the rise.

The elites they say, are the beacon of any society, but this cannot be said of the Igala people as it has proved to be the opposite.
As one of the 9th most populated tribe(Igala) in the Nation is currently under the shadow of itself, currently under siege, as “men of the dark” have taken over the kingdom.

Obviously, there are no leaders and there is non to provide leadership roles to the ANE AYEGBA. Today Igala land is a shadow as the elites have remained either silent or shown little concern over the recent ongoing.
Rather, they will sooner or later commence the 2022 struggles with money in the bag for exchange, in the bid to clinch the next gubernatorial ticket, next Senatorial and the next House of Representatives seats.

The Igalas are known to be a very strong and brave people. But today, a reverse is the case. The weakness in unity, has given rise to greedy and wicked individuals. Who have taken over the land and sponsoring sporadic killings.

The supposed Center of the Igala’s Unity(Anyigba) has now become a slaughter slab, yet the elites/leaders, traditional and government alike are quiet and botherless owing to the simple reason that, some of them have not been directly or indirectly affected. But remember, God raises individuals for societal benefits.


It is sad that the Igala elites have gone mute in the face of wanton killings that is now a predominant act in Anyigba the home base of most Igala leaders and learned individuals.

The current lawmakers and the elected representatives of Igala kingdom are powerless and mute because they too are directly or indirectly indicted in these killings. You may wonder why I am opining to this, you and I can recall how many souls were murdered, lost for so many of them to get elected into office. The guns were imported into our land during the election which made some of us to raise alarm then, but it was perceived and viewed as speaking for the opposition. Today those same guns are being used against our people to please the power that be.

Igala Land and its weak Traditional Institutions :

In those days, the Traditional Rulers do rise to the challenge, due to the fact that they know the who is who in the land, but today our traditional rulers have become ineffective and quiet while these dangerous trend escalates. There is a growing consensus that some of them our traditional rulers are not even spared.
These killers are not ghost, they are known to some of them, yet they fold their hands and allow the blood letting carnage, desecrating and ravaging our land.

Killers Are Kept For Political Benefits:

The common man does not have access to sophisticated killer weapons like the Ak47, Pump Action etc. that is now so common in Igala land. These guns are imported by politicians.
A note of concern was raised before the last election, but the security operatives always dance to the music of whoever can afford the bill. They even provide some intelligence gathering support to some of these killers for personal benefits.
It is only in Igala land that the criteria to be a Councillor depends on the number of people you have killed for the party or the number of the properties of those that are not on the side of the government in power that you have destroyed and plundered.

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The machinery of enforcing grassroots governance rests on strong traditional institutions in conjunction with the local government administration, as a third-tier of governance in managing its affairs, administering justice and resolving of tension in the society.
Today in Igala land, it is no longer so.

For the fact that traditional institutions are the closest to the people and the custodians of the traditions of the people. Downplaying their roles in governance in any society will amount to chaos. This is evident in the present happenings in Anyigba.
This is coming after a list was circulated last two weeks of people marked for elimination and with it happening, yet the government and security forces are doing nothing about it.
The reality is down before us with the persistent and wanton killings in Anyigba. A central town, which connects other neighboring towns like Ankpa, Oguma, Abocho, Dekina etc.

The Igala Traditional Rulers could be a source of national integration and sustainable development through developmental advocacy, influencing of their subjects, youths alike towards realization of nationhood, also serving as advisory bodies for both states and local government strata.

The town has produced former commissioner of police, a General in the Nigerian Army, academic Professors and what have you.
Anyigba is a powerhouse to many elites of Igala land. Both those who hail originally from Anyigba and those who are not, my humble self inclusive. Sadly, Anyigba is today a fertile ground for hired assassins to operate freely, killing recklessly unchallenged, without any efforts from both Traditional institution, Local , State and Central or Federal governments in addressing and putting an end to this troubling menace.


To some, they rather keep quiet with a normal lazy slogan of “what concerns me”. It may not concern you now, but it may likely concern you later or tomorrow. With the killers, informants stationed in every joints and junctions in Anyigba, with motives unknown to you. You, we all cannot continue to be less concerned.


It is high-time we are united against this dangerous trend. These killers do not come from another land, neither do they come from another tribe, they are amongst us and it is high time we speak in one loud voice.
Speak out now as you may be their next victim. We have Army Generals, both active in service and retired with enormous influence and experience. We have senior police officers, who are both serving and retired, we have senior men and women in the department of the state security services both serving and retired. We have them in Civil defense. We have sons and daughters in high security positions. It is time to come together and put an end to these numerous blood letting. Politics aside, Anyigba is bleeding, Igala land is bleeding.

Every human being is traced to a place and to a root. The time has come for us to view the killings beyond mere cult boys unleashing mayhem amongst themselves or politicians killing themselves. These killers in Anyigba are now very much available to render services for whoever can afford the price. Many have gone to their early graves for disputes over plots of land. You could be killed for just standing to greet a lady. You could even be killed for a mere family disagreements in a family meeting. You can be the next target.

The likes of Architect Gabriel Aduku commands influence and respect, Sir Abdullahi Ohioma, Senior Advocate of Nigeria SAN, we have so many professionals to mention but a few. The time for a meeting is now.
An apolitical meeting. A time for a round table conversation for the sake of the Igala land is now.

We must all stand up for Our Kingdom , for Igala land must be great again.

Comrade Usman Okai Austin (CNA)

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