Attah Stool: Don’t Drag Kogi State Govt. Into Your Inordinate Ambition, Group Warns … Commend Govt. Neutrality, Due Process 



Concerned Igalas has lauded the transparent and neutral stance of Kogi state government over the selection process of the next Attah of Igala.

A statement issued on behalf of the group in Idah by the spokesman, Abdulkarim Zekeli warned some family members of the Royal stool, for dragging the process of ascension to the prestigious Igala stool to public domain, and on the pages of online medium.

He expressed Confidence in the state government not to be hoodwinked by some self seeking individuals, whose intentions is to scuttle the process of ascension against the lay down procedures.

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According to the release,the position of Prince Opaluwa Okoliko is clearly against the lay down procedures,as no decision was arrived selecting him as the next Attah of Igala.

‘As it currently stands, the Ajuameachor whose turn it is to present the next Attah have selected Prince Samuel Opaluwa as its candidate, in line with extant laws and provisions of the laws on chieftancy of Kogi State.’

“The Ajuameachor has further presented Prince Samuel Opaluwa to the Etemahi and other Kingmakers.’

‘Okoliko Opaluwa Oguche was scolded on Monday for spewing false hood againt his family and tbe four ruling houses for spuriously claiming that he has been endorsed by the Kingmakers.’ He said.

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He says the Etemahi and Achadu are supposed to be the right channel to transmit the decisions of the ruling houses to the state government, and not any of the members of the Royal family.

Concerned Igalas expressed confidence that the state government not minding the distraction, will be thorough in line with the gazetted script and process of ascension to the revered stool,saying some highly placed individuals intend to scuttle the process.

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