Let’s keep resounding the message that Apostle Dr. Ngozika Gladys Johnson Ogbuneke’s desire to lead the people of Abia State is not self-driven. She has come to serve her people.


Most leaders want to be served. Many people equate leadership with churning out orders and being served by others. But that is not in the character of Apostle Dr. Ngozika. Representing others’ interests means creating value for others, helping them to achieve their desires, and making their lives meaningful. This is what the vibrant and energetic Ngozika stands for.

She is a selfless leader who does not take advantage of people; she creates opportunities for others. She is a ladder that others can climb to get their desires. Let us give her all necessary support through the ballots in the forthcoming election.

*Vote Apostle Dr. Ngozika Gladys Johnson Ogbuneke, Abia State Governorship Candidate Of SDP 2023.*

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