We the entire family of Elder Benjamin Ameh Abah want to use this opportunity to identify and celebrate with our own brother – Pastor Omale Wisdom Abah on this special day of his.


Birthday comes once in a year in everyone’s life and deserves to be celebrated with thanksgiving and expression of gratitude to the Almighty God for his protection, prosperity and peace in our lives.

Pastor Omale is our eldest brother, the status which puts him in a natural leadership position in the family. One of the most glaringly conspicuous qualities of this personality is leadership. He is both a born and made leader. As a leadership scholar, he is both a leadership student and expert. His practical and simplistic leadership approach has imparted positively on the entrenched love, oneness and progress of our amiable family.

The prefix ” Pastor” added to his name is neither a mere flamboyant title nor just some religious attachment. Pastor Omale Wisdom Abah is a down to earth pragmatic and dynamic Pastor whose life and labour and have been used by God to impart many lives across the nations. Long ago he founded the Great Light Gospel Mission, a non denominational gospel ministry that has affected many lives especially the younger generations- youths, teenagers and children. This vibrant Man of God has pursued the mandate of bringing light into the darkness in people’s lives, societies…and bringing them into personal intimacy with God.

As an educationist, Pastor Wisdom has contributed to nation building for many years past in the area of education which has culminated in the founding of a school where young Nigerians will be given the requisite foundation for sound character, creativity, leadership, excellence and godliness. Great Light Academy has been the platform established for achieving this, and it has been very running for for the past six years.

Pastor O.WA who trained as an Economist at the Bayero University Kano, has pursued his passion and put life into his knowledge of Economics by becoming a practical entrepreneur. His cutting edge business initiatives and formidable structures for job creation, poverty alleviation and food security will manifest in the nearest future in Nigeria, and the world over.

Interesting to know is that Pastor Omale Wisdom is also a writer and an author.It is neither by accident nor coincidence that he was named ” Omale”. In the meaning of “Omale” there’s ” a writer” , “an author”, and ” a secretary’. He grew up to align with this path of destiny. Today, he has over twelve books published and unpublished, all by the grace of God. Through his writings he has proven to be a dispenser of life, knowledge, wisdom and motivation

Pastor OWA is blessed with an amiable, loving and gracious family which was birthed in 2007. Proudly married to Princess Julie, their union is blessed with a set of twin boys, followed by a set of twin girls. Julie whom he fondly refers to as his best half and best friend has proven to be stupendously loving and incurably supportive.

Space will fail us to exhaust all we need to appreciate about this young man on this glorious birthday of his . But we must seize this as an opportunity to thank God for giving this great Gift to our family, Kogi State, Nigeria and the world at large . He is a rare gem, and embodiment of grace, talent and potentials.
BROS, the Abah’s wish you a very happy birthday…happy many returns! Wishing you many, many fruitful years to come in good health!

By joshua

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