As the popular saying goes; the Voice of God is the voice of the people. This is evident in the aspirations of *Apostle Dr. Ngozika Johnson Ogbuneke* as the candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP)) for Abia State Governorship position.


*Apostle Dr. Ngozika Gladys Johnson Ogbuneke* has always desired to serve her people following her impact and her philanthropic disposition.

She believes in touching lives even when the resources are limited.

Upon this, she seeks the mandate of her people to use public resources and opportunities to better the lives of her people through effective representation.

As much as she wants to represent her people’s interests, she also believes it can be possible with the backings of God and support of the people.

This is one of the motivating factors why she wants to run for the office.

It is an appeal to the good people of Abia State to give her all the required support as she is ready to serve.

Let us not be carried away with empty promises from others but do a comparison of how well they have represented the interest of the people as political leaders.

Let’s look at the direction of *Apostle Dr. Ngozika Gladys Johnson Ogbuneke* as God’s anointed servant for this assignment.

She is diligently seeking the mandate of her people with every sense of humility and regard for the stakeholders. Her victory at the general election will illuminate Abia State.


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