When a person dies certain rapid changes takes place within the body. The first involves a drastic change in the body’s internal body. This will reduce its mechanism to resist bacteria that initiates decaying. When bodies are taken to the mortuary, they are attendant by morticians through a process called embalming.

Embalming is the process that a mortician will prepare the body before being buried. This is done to minimize the process of decay by removing certain fluids. For instance, incisions will be made on the body and filled with preserving fluids such as formaldehyde and formaline. These chemicals are poisonous when inhaled.

Since fluids are used to fill the dead body, they will easily ooze out through any opening i.e through the ears and nostrils. Before the body leaves a mortuary, it is fitted with cotton to prevent any possible leakage of dangerous fluids that may be harmful to the environment.

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