Stay Clear Of Ologbo Dukedom, Mischief Makers Warn .



By Ikhili Ebalu, Benin City

Mischief makers trying to create crisis in Ologbo Dukedom have been warned to steer clear of the area, , as the Dukedom is an indivisible entity under the rulership of the Onogie of Ologbo as instituted by the Oba of Benin.

A legal practitioner and legal adviser to Ologbo Dukedom, Matthew Edaghese Esq gave the admonishion in an open letter to Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki and titled ” the provocative, rebellious and unlawful declaration by faceless elements in Ologbo Dukedom and the need to restore sanity”.

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According to Edaghese, “It is our brief that vide a baseless petition from the law firm of Ighodalo Imadegbelo (SAN) & Co, to the Police Commissioner, Edo State, dated the 14th day of October 2020, wherein, certain unnamed persons claiming to be Elders of Itsekiri Communites in Ologbo Dukedom and pledging allegiance to the authority of one Prince Johnson Atseleghe, whom they claimed to be the Iyasele of Ologbo, a non existent title in Ologbo Dukedom, recognized by the Enogie of Ologbo, nor the Benin Royal Palace or the Edo State Government.

“The false historical narrative contained in the ill- conceived, ill-fated, baseless and highly provocative petition, wherein a rediculous and futile attempt was made to clothe some quarters in Ologbo Dukedom in the garb of autonomy and the status of break-away territories within Ologbo Dukedom, is nothing but an act of rebellion and an attack on the Palace of Ologbo Dukedom, the Royal Palace of the Oba of Benin and the authority of the Government of Edo State.

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“We hereby put these purveyors of mischief, criminal and abominable acts on notice, that Ologbo Dukedom is one indivisible entity as gazetted under the extant laws of Edo State under the rulership of the Enogie of Ologbo. There is no parallel traditional authority in the Ologbo Dukedom, any act of rebellion and treason shall be visited with dire consequences, legally and traditionally.”

Appealing to the governor to call the dissidents to order to forestall a break down of peace, Edaghese said, “we urge your Excellency to use your good offices as the chief security officer of the state to call the dissidents constituting nuisance, disturbing the peace in the Dukedom and endangering the lives of the good people of Ologbo to order, to forestall descent into anarchy”, he said.

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