Salary: Kogi Govt. Begs to Pay 40% As JAU Meeting Ends. …. JAU Leadership Gives Condition For Future Payment


The almost a week long meeting between the Leadership of the various Union’s at the Local Government Areas with the Kogi State Government has ended with the State Government begging to pay 40% but with a promise of an increase in December if the allocation improves.

The Meeting between the Kogi State Government and the Joint Action Union of Local Government with the State Government was aimed at increasing the percentage to be paid as November salaries following the receipt of the October allocation.

JAU is made up of the various Union Leadership such as NUT, NUP, MHWUN, NASU, NULGE, has since last week engaged the Kogi State Government on the payment of October Salary. The JAU was insisting on 60% payment even as the Government said it could only pay 40%.

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The Joint Action Union at the yesterday’s meeting, after several appeals and interventions, accepted the 40% with a condition accepted by the government for an increase in the December payment if allocation improves.


Members of JAU had insisted on an increase having been paid percentage salaries for too long, mounted pressures on there leadership. The Joint Action Union following the anger of there members had asked for a jack up to 60% from the October allocation, wept and even knelt down at some point of the negotiation, all but to no avail.


The October Salary is likely to be the last to be paid centrally by Government before may be finally handed over to likely elected Councils after the December 12 Election, reason why the Members of the Various unions are agitating for improve percentage.

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Barring any unforeseen circumstances, workers at the LGA would begin to receive there alert and would look forward to December.

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