Kupa North: Hon. Abdulmalik lbrahim Arewa remains Relevant, A Politician of All Season.


As the Kogi Council Election approaches, Hon. Abdulmalik lbrahim Arewa remains the bride to candidates seeking for votes in Kupa North.


One man who have remained undefeatable in his Ward, Kupa North irrespective of the political political Party he belongs especially in his polling unit since 1999 is Hon. Abdulmalik Ibrahim.


He cut his teeth as a Councillor and ever since then he has remained relevant, winning his polling unit at all time and seasons.


A present member of the APC, Hon. Abdulmalik worked assiduously for Late Prince Abubakar Audu, joined Gov. Bello after the demise of the former Governor in 2015.

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A Journalists cum Politician, Arewa as he’s fondly called, has used his writing and oratory skills to work for the APC.


Presently with several handbills, banners and billboards he has made for campaign for the APC, Hon. Abdulmalik has made Kupa North a no go area.

A pathfinder for the Councillorship Candidate, he is a member of the Ward and Local Government Election slated for December 12, 2020.

For now nothing is on the way to stopping Hon. Abdulmalik from his unstoppable win of his unit, Ward and the Local Government Area.

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