Rural Dwellers Seeks Oba Benin’s Intervention In Communal Dispute





Elders and indigenes of Iguovbiahianmwen village in Uhunmwode Local Government Area of Edo State have appealed to His Royal Majesty, Ewuare II, CFR, Oba of Benin to intervene in the communal dispute in the area.

Speaking during a peaceful protest to Oba Palace in Benin City, Mr Iroghama Ekomwenrenren, accused the Odionwwre of Ehiozevbaru (village head), Pa Sunday Ediagbonya of colluding with neighbouring villages to balkanize Iguovbiahianmwen village, without recourse to Oba’s Palace.

He also accused the aggressor of installing a village head (Odionwere) in Ada Obadan settlement and a parallel Ogua’edion (elders Porch), developments, which he said are aberrations to Benin customs and tradition, weeks after Mr Sunday Ediagbonya had denied the allegation during his previous visit to Oba’s palace.

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Iroghama, the Ozukpogieva (second-in-command) of Iguovbiahianmwen village, appealed to the Oba to urgently check the excesses of Ediagbonya towards ensuring that the bloody crisis that had engulfed Ehiozevbaru village does not spill into Iguovbiahianmwen village in the interest of peace and justice.

Responding, Chief Oghafua Oyeoba, the Oyeoba of Benin, joined by Chief Uyi Okungbowa advised the protesters not to take laws into their hands, and assured then that the palace will intervene.

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