Ademola Bayode Oyekanmi is a former House of Representatives Aspirant. A Publisher, Writer and The CEO of EniAmi international Ltd.
In an interview with The Nigeria Post, he talks about the Victory of the President-elect Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu and the surprises he will spring in his government.


Nig.Post .. What’s you take in the last Presidential election. The February 25th 2023.

Bayode Oyekanmi.. The February 25th 2023 election is the fairest and Free election I have ever seen. Let me say 2nd to June 12 1993 election. Even though there are pockets of violence here and there, but for Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu to lose in Lagos, President Buhari lost in Kastina. The APC chairman lost in Nasarawa state. ElRufai lost in kaduna state. The election is free and fair.
Nig.Post… A lot of people, political parties claim the election was rigged and it’s the worst election ever.

Bayode Oyekanmi.. Asiwaju won, Elections in Nigeria,the losing side will always cry of rigging. If it favor them it’s not rigged,if it does not favor them it’s rigged. This is the first time seating governors are losing Senate seats.
Asiwaju Bola Tinubu government will shock Nigerians. He will outperform a lot of past Presidents.

Nig.Post. What can you say about Labour party, The Obidient movement and Peter Obi.

Bayode Oyekanmi… Peter Obi is my hero in this 2023 Presidential election. He brought an obscure party into limelight, in eight months got votes of over 6millions, win in strong hold of the ruling party. It takes a genius to do that. I doff my cap for him.
That not translating to winning election does not make the election rigged. The Obidient movement should accept defeat and move on. God keeping us alive,they should try again in 2027.

Nig.Post. The Obidient movement,do you see them fading away or growing to become a strong opposition party.

Bayode Oyekanmi… Am not a seer, But I think it depends on them. Their destiny is in there hands.

Nig.Post… Are you still in PDP, you seems to be quite these days especially on Kogi politics.

Bayode Oyekanmi.. Am not really quite,am not just at the forefront this time around. Saying if am still in PDP. I will say am partyless this time. I want a good governance for Nigeria, whoever will give regardless the party is who am supporting. I found that in Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu and I supported him with all I have in the Presidential election.
Nig.Post. Still on Kogi politics. What’s is your take.

Bayode Oyekanmi.. On Kogi politics, sincerely it’s becoming interesting. I think we will devote another day for that.
You don’t get it by fighting and insulting other senatorial districts. Power is more of negotiation, you fight a little,you negotiate more.

Nig.Post. The New government, what’s your advice for them.

Bayode Oyekanmi.. They should be fair in their dealings with Nigerians.
Unemployment should be looked into critically. Asiwaju Bola Tinubu have promised the youth, employment and empowerment. The women are not left out also. Before the removal of fuel subsidy,so many factors should be considered, Refineries should be working, Modular Refineries should be licensed and Kickstart. Dangote Refinery should be on already and so many others before the removal of fuel subsidy.
Merit should also be considered in making appointments. Mr President elect also promised that.
And to Nigerians, let’s pray for the new government. Let’s profess positive things. I see a New Nigeria.

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