When I read the supposed statement or won’t really know what to call the lucifer oriented lines, credited to the person of Zaccheus Dare Michael, where he declared Kogi PDP dead in his narrow and feeble unprogressive mind, I can not but laugh, as it’s a clear question of his failure to look at himself in directly in the mirror and a case of total loss of mental capability to listen to himself speak or read his lines.

It is sad though that, Dare, a jankara lawyer, who is not fit to even do the job of a charge and bail lawyer, calls himself a lawyer, and he takes to the media, taking advantage of his closeness to journalists at all time to talk about the PDP, in an attempt to impress Yahaya Bello‘s boys’ boys, who obviously, must have made him, a self styled party PRO, having appointed him to manage the people who are physically challenged that he errorneously took to be *disables*; but are indeed able and perfectly better than Dare in all ramifications.

It is not clear, how a boy who was a roundabout beggar in the PDP in those days running from one office to the another for attention and practically leaved on the mercies of party members in Kabba and Lokoja, like nothing but a parasite to even get through his education, (though not verified if he actually and truly graduated,) to now brainlessly take to public space to disparage, even lies, the same PDP that fed him!

If, Zaccheus Dare Michael, has lost his sanity to become a political roam-around and has today found himself in the APC as a slave of Any Government In Power (AGIP), one wonders, if that is enough for him to call PDP names, knowing fully well that he is lieing?

Away from the decent background that OKUNs are known for, Dare had clearly shown that his parernity needs to be checked and this must not be delayed. I just pray that, the PDP will continue not to find a reason whatsoever, to respond to his worthless, valueless and effectless-murmuring.

Meanwhile, the low of Zaccheus Dare Michael is made more clearer, by the statement that PDP is Dead!

How can a dead party, scare away, the supposed ruling and failed APC in Kogi from conducting mere LOCAL GOVERNMENT ELECTION, which it fixed date for, sold forms and we’re purchased by people, party Candidates ready, only for the Yahaya Bello led APC Kogi Government, to run away on the d-day and not to turn up but suddenly took to writing of results which almost two years after that date, the breakdown for that failed election is yet to be published anywhere in the world by APC electoral arm in the state called KOGI STATE INDEPENDENT ELECTORAL COMMISSION, more of a mockery of the process.

I am left to wonder why, anyone will still see this kind of character as knowing what he is doing, am sure once APC is kicked out, his type will rush back to the PDP, claiming it’s the devil’s work, while indeed the devil hangs his drink in a cool point.

Every sane persons know that Yahaya Bello Adoza is indeed an accidentally-crowned Govenor, who also watched over, the worst re-election in the history of Nigeria since it’s creation and democratic records.

Sadly too, Zaccheus Dare Michael, has indeed opened old wounds by bringing to the memory of the great and peaceful people of this great state, the needless deaths of children, women and youths who were killed and those maimed during the November 2019 stand alone tragic Governorship election, as we pray that God will visit same on the perpetrators of those dastardly acts, which we can say if Zaccheus Dare Michael is already harvesting his own with these unstable statements.

I am particularly happy that Government had been ordered by the Court to pay N10m as compensation to the woman who was burnt to death by APC members in Kogi state during same election and the consequent imprisonment of the criminal element.

The person that is truly dead, is the conscienceless Zaccheus Dare Michael, who parades himself as a Rights Activists, without records of involvement at any NANS level, labour level, known Human Rights Groups like the CD or CDHR or any internationally registered and recognized bodies, at best Zaccheus Dare Michael is better known and left as comic come-and-raid not Comrade.

Dr. Ademola Kajotoni is a Consultant Neurologist, Lagos

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