MY APPRECIATION: Hon. Kingsley Mokikan, PDP Chairmanship Candidate, Kabba/Bunu LGA


I, Otunba Kingsley Mokikan on behalf of myself, my family, all PDP Councillorship Candidates and the entire PDP family in Kabba/Bunu Local Government use this opportunity to thank you for all your supports and contributions to our cause in this election.

We fought a good fight, and the outcome is a testament to the fact that we prepared enough to chase away our very powerful but unpopular opponents. Indeed, with all our common financial and government resources at their disposal, we stood indomitable and unbeatable. This is a result of your resilience and unflinching support and commitment to changing the sorry narrative that has become a sad reality for our people.

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Clearly, if our opponents and their party have not had the contemptuous approach they displayed yesterday towards everything regarding administration and development, our serious will to use this cause to change the status quo would not have been necessary. What you saw yesterday is what we told you we needed to change!

Hence, I call on you to be proud of your stand with us, your stand with decency, your stand with the will of the people and your stand with the right over wrong!

You won! We won! We know this because our opponents were also our referees, our linesmen and our panel of judges at the same time… So, they didn’t change the goal post, they were so scared of our presence they simply didn’t include a goal post or a pitch for the match!

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I am proud of your contributions in all forms, and we shall be back shortly. Good always triumphs over evil.

God bless you.

Hon. Kingsley Mokikan
_PDP Chairmanship Candidate, Kabba/Bunu LGA_

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