Mopamuro PDP Dispels Propaganda About Defection, Says Party Very Much Intact, Strong, United.


The Mopamuro PDP says it is waxing stronger and very much intact.

The PDP in a statement dispel the propaganda being sponsored by APC that over 100 Persons has decamped from PDP to APC.

The party In a Statement signed by the Local Government
Party Chairman, Hon. Fatobi Olaunmosule said, ” I want to state categorically that the information is false and baseless.

The electorate are more wiser than ever before and can no longer be deceived again.

Once beating twice shy. Our people were able to compare the two parties and the difference is very clear.

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Our people are very much aware of the hardship faced now as compared to the PDP era. Even the deaf and blind can hear and feel the poverty in the land caused by the APC.”

We therefore want to urge the members of the public to disregard the propaganda as the Mopamuro PDP is intact, strong and on the verge of winning the forthcoming Local Government Election.

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