LOYALTY … why, HE, Edward David, Onoja?




… why, HE, Edward David, Onoja?

-The Cap Fits.

In Politics, anything short of 100% Loyalty, is not Loyalty.
HE, Chief Edward Onoja has done well.

I have been at the corridors of Power to know what it means for a supporter to be Loyal and the benefit therein.

In retrospect, with admiration I watch the persons of His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Bello and his brother, his friend; his Siemens twin, as they pilot the affairs of Ķogi State since 2016.

Their commitment is total and positively contagious! The level of Statesmanship displayed by the two Great Men, has been exemplary to all to emulate.
Every Leader with his style of Governance which many may not understand, the Legacies are bound in all nooks and crannies.

I have watched the progression of His Excellency, Chief Edward David Onoja, from being a banker to a business man; moving to become the Chief of Staff to His Excellency, Alh. Yahaya Bello and becoming the Deputy Governor, I have observed him as he does his job with much dedication.

Now, it is a Constitutional Right for every Nigerian to aspire to the highest position in the land. The case of Kogi is not exceptional.

The stage is set for the political parties to elect, their flag bearer; as a matter of fact, an indication to contest by His Excellency, Edwarď Onoja, was heart warming to majority of Kogites, who ordinarily expects that he should be the next Flag bearers of APC; knowing that he has learnt the ropes from the mentorship of his Boss, GYB.

Like the saying goes, the more, the merrier. He is not alone in the quest for the party ticket. Others have joined in the fray for contest.

I really don’t need to bugg you with much individual analysis of the aspirants as some have given to themselves a personal verdict of ‘stop the contest’. I see such as a great respect for the Leader of the Party and the leading contender, HE, ED Onoja who is detribalise, a man who speared headed the EBIGO Spirit among Kogites and it worked!

Why His Excellency, Edward David Onoja?

He is a well coordinated personality who will hit the ground running from day one!
He is well tutored by GYB in all facets of Governance.
He is not a total stranger to the chemical formation of Kogi State. On his finger tips, he knows what Kogites wants, just as his Boss has consistently provided since 2016.

His acceptance across the State is beyond Party affiliation. He carried on the teaching of his Boss, to see everyone as a brother and a sister.
He is a man for all, just as his Boss, GYB.

Recently, the out pouring of testimonies from various individuals of his kindness towards them are beyond expectations.
Poor students from high institutions law school students, windows, jobless, health challenges solved. Homeless are sheltered and many more.
He does not need to know you before he helps you. I can personally testify to these testimonies, as it affected me directly too. I cannot forget it easily.


I know that in human nature, we are not perfect. In course of doing his job, he may certainly have stepped on toes to get the best of out a situation. I appeal to all persons concerned to FORGIVE HIM, for he is human.
He could be tough and hardliner, but deep inside him is a heart of Gold.
No man is perfect except God.

Let’s look at what he can do rather than dwelling on his incapacity. He is a goal getter.

To all other aspirants, I call for total support of His Excellency, Chief Edward David Onoja as our Flag bearer. I know all aspirants are qualified to run; but, we need wisdom to prevail.

He is a Team Player and we belong to the same APC FAMILY (the system).
Let’s run to WIN.

I plead with all Members of our Great Party, to vote him overwhelmingly at the Primaries on 14/04/2023.

Am sure that once he is nominated, even the opposition Party will work for our Victory in November 2023.


He is Youthful, FOCUSED, Fearless, very Intelligent and above all, a man after God’s heart (not a bigot).
His carriage add candour to our game.
He is a man who hates failures.


I, Hon. Barr. Haruna O. Yusuf,
Ex Special Adviser to the Governor of Kogi State; on Legislative and Assembly Matters.
-The National Coordinator, ‘THE SALVO TEAM’; do hereby wholeheartedly, endorse the aspiration of His Excellency, Chief Edward David Onoja.





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