Dr Abolarin, the state coordinator for the national livestock transformation plan said that the state is appropriately ready to implement the programme.

Dr Abolarin made these fact known at an ” Experience sharing and learning conference on farmer and herder conflicts in Nigeria” organised by centre for democracy and development (CDD) Abuja.

He said while talking to the News agency of Nigeria, that it’s important kogites understands that the NLTP programme is a federal government brainchild to be implemented over 10years collaboratively with all states

According to him, the NLTP has six pillars that cover anything around justice, security, livelihood, peace, reconciliation and Economic development in a systematic way that covers the interest of pastorialist and crop farmers.

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So far, Kogi state government is solely committed to the implementation of the NLTP, saying we want to work towards remodelling the grazing reserves as areas for livestock production.

The coordinator in his words said there is no stereotypical way in the implementation of the programme, rather the Governors are allowed to implement in line with the peculiar realities of their own situation in the state. He added that, what was fixed, however, that all states must approach the implementation in a holistic manner without not leaving out any of the six pillars to resolve the farmer/herders conflict and restore peace in the communities.

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Dr Abolarin said that Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello is passionately committed to resolving the lingering farmers/herders conflict bedeviling the states, with particular reference to Kogi state, hence, the NLTP programme and the enshrined six pillars forms major interest and priority of His Excellency.

The Governor understands that the crisis is encompassing of security issue, livelihood issue and also a relationship issue. “So we are dealing with three fundamental issue that are mutually reinforcing, because if you deal with the relationship of Farmers/herders, you are also helping to support their livelihood dimension because they are involved in production of food and meat.

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If you deal with livelihood issue of the farmers and herders, the security issue will by large measure be taken care of and when the security is issue is been dealt with, then a more fundamental issue of Nigerian Economy will be improved upon, the coordinator stated

You can be rest assured that under the new direction government in kogi state led by Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello, the raging crisis of farmers/herders and other criminal vices will be a thing of the past, because we have a peace loving leader whose dedication to security of lives and properties is unequal.

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