Hon Wemi Jones: The Best Adjective.

Ayo Bello
William H. Herdon was blunt and correct when he posited while describing Abraham Lincoln “His assertion is correct when you look critically the person of Hon. Wemi Jones as Kogi state Commissioner for Education, Science and Technology.
The man with the midas touch. You have proven your mettle as always. The importance and impact of Science and Technology can’t be overemphasized. The developed Nations like USA, Germany and even China are perfect exemplars of such advancement. We are keeping hope alive as the GYB-led Government is instilling more in the sector.
A leader who always put the masses first before any other thing. Your people are always proud of you. Such is Hon Wemi Jones’s brand which others may try to imitate but can never truly become.
Selflessness is a trait and philanthropy is a divine calling. He is reliable, hardworking and people oriented. HWJ, you set the pace!.. God bless GYB

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His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Adoiza Bello has made state of Kogi known as a peaceful enclave that shelters political theorists, analysts and strategists. It was viewed as an administrative abode where troubled states run to for succor.

“The GYB government is nurturing an ecosystems where the economy is primed for growth and growth promotes all-round development. Where development is employment-generating; and employment is enabled by skills. Where skills are synced with production; and production is benchmarked to quality. Where quality meets global standards; and meeting global standards drives prosperity. No amazement the beautiful story series, the message from Nigerians is unmistaking…
…run…GYB…run… FOR PYB2023.
(after all if you are faithful in the little ones, you can be entrusted with the bigger responsibility)

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In muted voices, but highly chorused, from the heart of
the people, the leaders, the Governors, statesmen, those who have known him in his political career,  the voices, the wishes the thoughts are reverberating; run….for President 2023…. run…PYB2023

The question is; will GYB accept to run so that the beautiful story will continue.

Let’s do more together!


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