The Peoples Democratic Party House of Representatives hopeful for Idah Federal Constituency has been described as the best fit for the people.


In a statement, Sani Ilani Mathew, a stakeholder of the Constituency, urged the people to have faith in his aspiration.

According to the statement: ” One of the major challenges of good democratic governance in Nigeria is that of getting selfless, visionary, patriotic, pro-people, inclusive, focused and effective leadership to drive/pilot Nigeria’s national affairs and the political economy towards good, democratic governance of the federal Constituency.

We have muddled through national problems, with epileptically energy superficially, essentially due to the absence of such requisite leadership, as a result of which the challenges have magnified and become complex, appearing daunting and insurmountable, and pushing the country towards the precipice and potentially off the cliff.

In the current situation, getting things right and reverting to the appropriate trajectory of good democratic governance would require selfless, visionary leadership committed to, and focused on, people-oriented policies for socioeconomic growth and development.

One man who desires sincerely to render selfless service to his people is Hon. Uchola Ojogbane Omale of the PDP for Idah Federal Constituency.

To him, the nexus between the choice we make and our destination between effective leadership and development, at a moment of critical decision is to chart a new path and elect political leadership for the enthronement of good governance.

He is the real qualities of good leadership our people need. He is a break from the past. Let’s support him.

Uchola is a man of great vision mixed with great leadership qualities. He strongly desires to deliver good leadership by example, persuasion or pressure, by status or by knowledge.  He sees himself as a man who has great dreams of a greater future for his people – a clear vision of destination to the promised land.

He called on the Youths and women that Hon. Uchola represent to vote massively for him in the February House of Representatives Election.

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