Hitch-free LG elections in Kogi, Worthy of Commendation



Kogi state has indeed proven beyond doubt that the era of “Nacent Democracy” is fast phasing off and the embrace of a matured democracy is vastly embrace by the good people of the state – kogi state.

It is worthy of note that the youthful Kogi state Governor was on official assignment while the election took place and it was recorded one of the most peaceful election process ever recorded in the polity across board – this tells how well HE has put in place our dear state

It will be foolhardy for anyone to be more concerned about the election results over the processes .

As a youthful Governor that he his, Governor Yahaya Bello has once again shown the world his leadership prowess and that of course is plausible. The good people of Kogi state has also not only shown the world they are peaceful people but the have shown their love for the Governor of the state – Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello.

Even as one will commend both the masses, the Governor and his “let’s do more” team. It is imperative to congratulate all winners of the LG elections and remind them the work ahead shouldn’t be handled with levity else they’d get both the good people of the state and the Governor that has given them platform to run disappointed

May Kogi State succeed .

Yemisi Oshaloto
From Igbaruku


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