On a special day like this, let me join your immediate family members, friends, colleagues, political associates and numerous well wishers in celebrating another new dawn of a year in commemoration of your birthday.

Without micing words, you are a definition of a true friend, dependable brother and a colleague in the professional realm of accounting. Before and since I assumed public office, your hand of support and cooperation had remained a constant factor. You are real, because you never deceptively flag on love or smile at me where you should be frank, straightforward and chastising. I appreciate your candour and conviction always.

I am a witness and testimonials abound about your large heartedness, loving character, deep compassion and philanthropic gestures in your immediate community and outside in the same manner. Little wonder, you keep scaling height and well endeared into the heart of the people. You have touched lives positively.

On a day like this, it also suffice to appreciate your huge role as a progressive in strengthening our party APC in Yagba East and advancing the course of party members in your immediate community, ward 10. Your impact is well felt and it has helped the fortune of the party in no small measure. You are an outstanding leader, who has remained selfless and true to your people in all seasons.

May God Almighty bless your new age and make you an eternal excellence in long life, sound health and fulfilment of your innate heart desires. May Grace speak for you everyday of your life, as continue to serve humanity and God.

*Mukadam Asiwaju Asiru Idris, FCA*
Hon. Commissioner of Finance, Budget and Economic planning, Kogi State.
19th December, 2020

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