EFCC VS FGYB: –Shame on the cowards Kicking and gloating over a man who is facing trial of an alleged financial infractions.


–Shame on the cowards Kicking and gloating over a man who is facing trial of an alleged financial infractions.


By Otori Ozigi

I’m compelled again to react to the frenzy and litany of undue celebration and rejoicing of a mortlew crowd of clowns and other cowards over the temporary trying period of the immediate past governor of Kogi State,Alhaji Yahaya Adoxa Bello.

I have one million questions for all those rejoicing over someone that is already down on his knees in the hands of EFCC and other formidable forces that have risen against FGYB for official and personal motives.

It appears his liver hearted political enemies are just baying because they now have the opportunity to get back and take their pounds of flesh from FGYB, for sundry reasons.

Even a celebrated clown in the state issued a deamening video to say all sorts of rubbish against FGYB.

You can imagine that!

Let me make it very clear that I did not benefit a dime from either FGYB or any of his cabinet members in the last 8 years.

And I’m relatively close to some of them before they took appointments to serve the state.


As I have always explained to those who have reached out to me since the unnecessary drama unfolded in the state and beyond my love and admiration for the former governor is beyond the surface and beyond the understanding of some cowards who couldn’t speak truth to power., when it matters.

For those who have been following my Media career faithfully there was a time I rose up to challenge the governor himself and other appointees when they derailed from good governance in the state.

I suffered and lost some good business opportunities because of my hard position in the media space. then.

As a golden rule I don’t kick a dying horse or troubled person.
Let me remind somr people that the governor is called upon to come and defend himself over allegations that have not been proven guilty by competent court of jurisdiction in Abuja

That’s all.

As at today FGYB is yet to be arraigned for trial.

So why all these unnecessary jubilations and celebration all over the place.

As I have said before there are over 25 former governors and serving governors who are under the radar of EFCC for alleged fraud committed by these high profile people according to EFCC website.

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If you take the national assembly for example you would discover that over 40 percent of them have issues with the EFCC and heaven did not fall.

There other former Ministers of the federal republic of Nigeria with fraudulent allegations hangng on their necks and they are still enjoying their freedom till date.

Why is FGHB own being celebrated as if he is the first political actor being put through media trial before real trial at the courI

I don’t blame anybody.

I put the blame squarely at the door step of the former governor who did not demonstrate enough courage Ebira people are known for..

Indeed ,he has disappointed me seriously..

Every idiot and stupid people are now dancing in the sky as if the end has come for FGYB .

As a born again Christian I abhor anything evil or satanic behavior from anybody.

Are not supporting the troubled governor but let’s exercise patience before rejoicing if that will give you a respite from the biting and economic quagmire in the country.


To some distressed people their own palliative have come with the trying period of the former governor.

Please help me inform the former governor to come out from hiding and save us from further embarrassments in the hands of cowards

I ,the free born of the great idu oha clan in Ihima town have spoken loud and clear.

We will all die of something one day.
So, why the fear?

I’m not the grandchild of the great Ochetenwu of Ihima for nothing.

Tell FGYB to show courage and submit himself for trial.

Thank,God he can afford the service of good and competent lawyers in the country.

Fraud Is a bailable offence until proven guilty.

And he can ask for a plea bargain just like the former governor of Edo, State Chief Lucky Igbeinidion did in recent history.

Nigeria is our country.

We are all stakeholders.

Nobody can run anybody out of town.

We shall remain here and salvage it together..

President Tinubu is politically and economically literate.

Thank God the economy is picking up gradually..

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