Inaugural Lecture: Don Advocates For Biodiesel Tech

Inaugural Lecture: Don Advocates For Biodiesel Tech


By Ikhili Ebalu, Benin City

A University Don, Engr. Prof. Segun Kevin Otoikhian has said that indigenous automobile manufacturers and first time investors such as NORD automobile limited, INNOSON vehicles manufacturing as well as established plants should stand on the shoulders of Giants like the Indonesia, Brazil and USA whose economies have incorporated biodiesel technology.

Prof Otoikhian stated this while delivery the 14th inaugural lecture series of the Edo State University Uzairue titled: Green Diesel For A Green Future at the university’s Aliko Dangote Auditorium

Engr. Prof. Otoikhian, a professor of Chemical engineering at the Edo State University Uzairue said that the initiative would assist Nigeria in reestablishing its prominence as the giant of Africa by establishing a precedent and transforming the perception of fossil diesel to green diesel for a green future that Africa and the globe so much desired.


He said government and industries have consequently placed a premium on the development of environmentally friendly, non-polluting and hazardous energy sources, hence the prolonged scholarly investigation has been devoted to the exploration of alternative fuel source as a means to meet the increasing global demand for fossil fuels.

Prof Otoikhian stated that among alternative fuels such as biodiesel, biogas and bioethanol, biodiesel which is also referred to as green diesel has gained more attention due to its advantages over fossil fuels including flexibility in feedstock and catalysts.

He revealed that one of the sources of considered highly promising raw materials for the biodiesel production process is the wasted-edible oil obtained from restaurants saying restaurant waste oils have a lower economic cost than pure vegetable oils and are also available in different regions of the world.

According to him, it is evident from statistics that no any West Africa or African nation have established biodiesel production saying an enormous obstacle in the way of progress towards renewable energy, hence the reliance on fossil fuels.

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Prof Otoikhian further revealed that notwithstanding the substantial amount of research conducted in West Africa and neighbouring countries regarding biodiesel and bioenergy production, the execution of biodiesel has remained comparatively constrained.

In his contributions, the professor of Chemical engineering said bioethanol is the most widely used biofuel worldwide as it partially able to replace fossil fuels thereby reducing the environmental impact of greenhouse gas emissions, it can be easily mixed with petrol and is compatible with current engines adding that modifications may be needed for higher concentration.

He however enumerated the importance of biodiesel production as a viable alternative to traditional fuel because it is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and has lower emissions of carbon and sulphur etc and it also has environmental, economic and social sustainabilities.


Earlier in his address, the Vice Chancellor of the university Engr Prof Emmanuel Aluyor said Edo State University Uzairue remain at the forefront of academic distinction, boasting a faculty of highly qualified and dedicated staff who tirelessly impacted knowledge across various disciplines.

He further stated that the curricular across the nine faculties were meticulously crafted to align with the university overarching mission and vision.

This he said since the university establishment, the university has remained steadfast in its commitment to fostering academic excellence in fulfilling its mission as it has consistently embraced technology-driven educational resources for teaching, learning and evaluation.

“This unwavering dedication to delivering quality education embodies the fundamental values of our academic institution, evident in Edo State University Uzairue’s recognition both locally and internationally”, he added.

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