Could The tail be wagging the dog instead of the dog wagging the tail, Just thinking aloud – Dayo Akanmode


I just listened to a news item credited to his Excellency, Ahaji Adoza Yahaya Bello, where he condemned the use of thugs and thuggery in our electoral system especially in our elections. He predicted a bleak future for our political system if the cankerworm is not checked.

I was excited when I heard this against the background of wide criticisms and condemnations that trailed recent elections in Kogi including his own elections.

Two thoughts quickly dominated my mind. The first is that could the governor be making a political statement with such serious issue?


Secondly is the conclusion that all that happened leading to loss of lives did not have the blessing of his Excellency and therefore could have been the handiwork of overzealous political aides who had no electoral value but ready to do anything in protecting their jobs.

This is the second time His Excellency will be making statements that keep many wandering whether His excellency is aware of some things happening in the system.

I was shocked when some months ago he claimed that he was not aware of the percentage salary payments in the system.

If this is the situation we find ourselves where the tail is wagging the dog instead of the dog wagging the tail then something must be done fast so that this government for posterity case can do the necessary surgical operations within the system, to be able to address the myriad of problems afflicting our electoral system and salary payments among other issues.

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Since his Excellency has dissociated himself from these monsters, those busy bodies responsible for tarnishing the image of the ainistration must be brought to book.

These issues are beyond politics, therefore our alarm must not be misconstrued as sabotage as many are looking at the administration as a source of hope.

I commend his Excellency for dissociating himself from these canker worms threatening our democracy. Just thinking aloud. God bless our state.

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