Few days ago,the social media was awash with pictures of the former gov of CBN,Sanusi Lamido’s Son graduating into the Nigerian police force as an ASP.This very son is a graduate of one prestigious overseas university,the question one ll ask is,why ll he not opt to work in CBN,a job there for him is just at a snap of the finger,but NO,he chooses the police,probably in anticipation of becoming an IG one day,a position he actually have been groomed for,that of course have been the workings and mindset of the northern Oligarchs.

All the Oligarchs in the north have their sons placed in one strategic positions or the other in readiness for a switch in case of a likely vacuum in
positions of authorities where they shall continue to lord over us using our COLLECTIVE PATRIMONY to sustaining the status quo and to the detriment of the unsuspecting Masses.

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They created a class where they romance with those in govt so as to negotiate who gets what,how and when.

Check out all those managing the affairs of our dear country,non of their wards schools here in Nigeria,so disheartening is a situation where we at the receiving end of all these inequalities take delights in congratulating these so called Nobles,each time they are being commissioned,or graduating,this we do to high heavens,I’m baffled,how can one clap hand for the same people who happens to be the architect of his or her misfortunes, ask yourself,Buhari’s daughter married Indimi a multi billionaire’s son,why not the son of a petty trader,or a local farmer,?Nooo,they know how to recycle within and by so doing,the pendulum of the opposite of where they are is left hanging on our own portion of the divides while they swim in affluence.

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All the Emirs in the North as well as Elites have their lads preferred for greater height while ours is placed on wheels with distorted motions.For example,the Emir of Gwandu’s Son is a high ranking naval officer somewhere in the south,just expect him as a chief of naval staff one day.
There so many instances like that.

The time has come for us to make a statement, we must muster enough courage to face future threatening realities,if we fail to stand firm and resist this internal colonialism and imperialism,then we should kiss bye bye to both our own future and those yet unborn.

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I’m calling on the Masses of Nigeria,Artisans, students,market men and women,local farmers,NURTW,Okada and Keke riders,to pls help spread this awareness so as to get every one sensitized on the danger posed to the usurpation of our future.

The Time is now………



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