Benins, Itsekiris Are One Family


By Ikhili Ebalu, Benin City

The People of Ologbo Dukedom have been advised not to let mischief makers disrupt their peaceful co existent in the Dukedom, but should rather learn to leave as one family.

The Onogie of Ologbo Dukedom, His Royal Highness, Prince Jason Owenvbiugie Akenzua gave the advise on Friday while celebrating the annual Igue festival in Ologbo.

Hrh Prince Akenzua said, the relationship between the Benins , Itsekiris and other tribes have been very cordial in the dukedom.

” I appealed to you all to leave as one and not to allow anyone mislead you into making trouble in the kingdom.
We thank are Royal father, Oba Ewaure 11 for giving us his blessings and protection.


The Onogie used the occasion to offer blessing to the ancestors for peace in the dukedom.

Also speaking during the celebration, the President, Benin Solidarity Movement Wordwide, ( BSM), elder comrade Curtis Ugbo said, different tribes leave in Ologbo dukedom as one family.

“Though there was a little misunderstanding between the Itsekiris and the Benins recently, the issue has been fully resolved,which is the result of the joint celebration between the different ethnic groups in the dukedom that you are witnessing today.

According to him, ” it was just one man who for personal interest tried to soul the seed of disunity among the people.
There is no crisis or dispute in Ologbo dukedom, the Onogie and the people pay their allegiance to the Oba of Benin, His Royal Majesty , Oba Ewuare 11.

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” the unity is what you can see in the way the people are jubilating.

The leader of the Itsekiris in Ologbo, Charles Askuorami said, we are one family,no quarrel among us. We pay our loyalty to the onogie and the Oba of Benin, Oba Ewuare 11.

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