After 32 years by 2023 of the existence of the creation of Kogj State, and with the 9th National Assembly coming to an end of which all the 9 elected are from Lokoja One and Kogi (KKF) Zones of the 3 Zones without a single for the 3rd, Lokoja ll or even a favour to her, but an accidental chance to her.


Olut of the 9 representatives profiled, no one need to be told that what is good for the Lokoja One and Kogi (KKF) zones after 32 years is also good for Lokoja ll without doubt if democracy is to strive in our midst on the ground of equity and fair play.

And now that Hon. Prince Idris Ndako been pressured to contest and now has answered the people’s quest by making informal declarations of recent, the LOKOJA ll PROGRESSIVES FORUM will leave no stone unturned for the actualization of Lokoja ll Zone 2023.

In a statement, Hon. Abdulmalik Ibrahim assured that LOKOJA ll PROGRESSIVES FORUM would work for the actualization of the House of Representatives seat to Lokoja, said it is looking in the direction of Hon. Prince Idris Ndako. look


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