Rome was not built in a day but at last was built well. When preparation meets with opportunity it results to progress. The history of Kogi West Senatorial district has seen the worst of betrayal and under development from prodigal sons personalities who tend to turn it’s fortunes to personal earnings. Without remorse they caused pain and regret, brought retrogression instead of success.


It is not news how Hon.Sunday Karimi stood to take power from the Unprepared of the Senatorial district in a view to giving the people the true dividends they deserve but due to greed, political rascality and charlatan behaviour of some politicians, they lust focus to bit the finger that ready to fed them. We have learnt our lessons and we wish to rally round a trust worthy Adjudicator like Hon.Sunday Karimi

2023 will bear witness to rapid development and infrastructural progress of Kogi West Senatorial district because the transformer has come. Hon.Sunday Karimi , A pioneer member of our progressive party, A human capital developer, A people oriented personality, the talk and do of our generation, A burden bearer is the right choice to set the pace of accountability to the Senatorial District . As a people we deserve Constituency/Senatorial projects, Town hall briefings, Empowerment schemes and more, not mediocratic display of clueless as far experienced in the hands of deviators.

Kogi West Senatorial district deserve a sound and experience Legislature like Honourable Sunday Karimi to represent us at the Red Chamber.

Honourable Sunday Karimi is the light to the darkness we have been experiencing, the answer to the yearnings and a co-liberator with the peoples general come 2023.

Therefore, I would like to make a clarion call to all well meaning sons and daughters of Kogi West Senatorial district and indeed all stakeholders to rise up to the task of providing the platform for these deserving stalwarts to herald the much needed progress and development to our beloved Senatorial District .

Support and Vote Honourable Sunday Karimi and all APC Candidates for prosperous, effective, responsive, qualitative and Egalitarian representation 2023.

So help us God


~Comrade Hamidu Tete Jibrin kupa.

By joshua

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