The Real Deal!! The Real Beacon of Hope 2024!!!


As the race to Osadebey Avenue hots up, many of the writers behind some contestants seek to hype their Candidates with all sorts of appellations that are not original to them, but which they fancy their sound.
We cannot quarrel with choices but then describing persons in terms that do not fit may only indicate an attempt to pick adjectival words that merely sound fanciful, but do not fit.
Engr Gideon Ikhine was the first to come out in the 2024 campaign season with the term, Beacon of Hope.

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You have to encounter, the man, Engr Gideon Ikhine to now begin to ask, who are all these pretenders to the cognomen, Beacon of Hope?
After listening to the man brief his online team, speaking of his VISION, which in bold relief, and for those who care to listen and understand, his vision is spread out under some Cardinal Pillars; Making Edo State the Destination of First Choice,from anywhere in the world,, Reformatting Agriculture as Business , Making The Oba of Benin, and the Benin Kingdom the epicenter of his tourism architecture, and renewing our Urban and Intra city transportation systems.
It is after listening to this expose, that you would begin to separate the boys from the men, from those who simply have raw ambition from those who want to lead.
In his passionate speech, he speaks of redeeming and rediscovering Edo State which has a humongous debt profile. This he said has to be paid of before the journey to El Dorado can begin.
Given his challenging upbringing which he has since overcome to become a super industrialist today, he is driven by a passion to spread prosperity to all Edolites, if given the APC ticket.
This then is the real Deal!!! The Real Beacon of Hope!! The Man to beat in the APC Gubernatorial Primaries, come 2024!!

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