A Leader keeps attaching much dividend to his relationship with others, regardless of their class.


Oluyemisi treats whoever she meets with respect and love. She does not underestimate anyone irrespective of social status, age, religion, or ethnic affiliations.

She is a woman who does not care to know what part of section one comes from.

She spreads her acts of benevolence to whoever needs her assistance. Such detribalised individual makes society a better place to live in.

As a bridge-builder, Oluyemisi is not only a woman of peace, but she also upholds the philosophy of love sharing among the people.

She is someone who could mediate practically in any dispute by not just bringing humour but also light and direction.

Hon Oluyemisi Oshaloto
May Almighty God’s protection and guidance be upon you. May He grant you your heart’s desire, and answer your hidden and open prayer.


The Great Leader of our Time ❤️❤️❤️

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