The Candidature of Otunba Kingsley Mokikan: A Better by Far Option

For the sake of many who are not familiar with the political architecture of Kabba/Bunu, this article tends to bring to prominence some facts about the personality and the capability of the person and personality of Otunba Kingsley Mokikan.

The advent of this democratic era came with active participation of some vibrant youths all over the nation. Otunba Kingsley Mokikan was prominently conspicuous among the few in Kogi back then. He has since been actively consistent in contributing to the well-being of the State, his local government not left out.

The person of Otunba needs no introduction in the political atmosphere of Kogi. He is known, not as a “woiii” kind of politicians, neither one that sits outside meetings but has been a voice to reckon with where decision making process are done. Electing such fellow as chairman will be an advantage to Kabba/Bunu Local Government.

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Vision, knowledge, exposure and good look, gives an unbeatable degree of confidence and esteem. These and many other qualities are brought to bear when the person of Otunba Kingsley Mokikan is put on the table. Kabba/Bunu Local Government with plethora of well exposed people deserves to be manned by men who not just spohisticated but are  armed with managerial acumen for explosive advancement in all spheres of adminstration; local government administration not left out.

Because we are social animals, the one that will lead the local government should be one who is equipped with the knowledge of how best to relate with all the social strata of those to be governed. Otunba is youthful, has been among the elders, loved by the women and  experienced in the best manner to reaching the aged. His name rings in the mind of the highly placed and the downtrodden. He has become a household name because he has toiled in the political landscape of Kogi, serving his local government meritoriously, not as an elected officer but as one whose love for his people is immeasurably limitless. If the verity must be given its place, the race for who should pilot the affairs of the local government in the forthcoming election should be limited to Otunba Kingsley and no one else but Otunba Kingsley Mokikan.

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Since the other party (ies) won’t be denied their right of expeession of intention and and possible contest, men and women of conscience who are voters in the local government must take into cognizance, the expected level of performance and the efficiency of the candidates. If this will be a yardstick, I think the designer of Otunba Kingsley Mokikan should begin to design his outfit for the swearing-in ceremony.

The choice of Otunba Kingsley over others is the choice of light over darkness. Is the choice of efficiency over lackluster performance. It is the choice of competence over ineptitude.

Because Kabba/Bunu people are well informed, sophisticated, calmly collected, trailblazing and  worldly-wise, I’m sure they won’t go for darkness as against light. Their choice will definitely be that of the *Otunba Kingsley Mokikan who is the option that is better by far*.

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