Seun Kuti Visits Kogi With M.O.P Message of Redemption: Warns Oppressors to be ready for the Movement of the People.

By Boluwaji Obahopo

It was a moment of brainstorming, in Kabba, the Kogi West Senatorial headquarter of Kogi State, on the 7th of December, at the prestigious Kabba Development Union secretariat (K.D.U).

The program was hosted by Sheyi Babaeko, with the theme: State of the Nation: M.O.P as the viable alternative and a paradigm shift from poverty to prosperity.


The program started at exactly 2pm, with rendition of the National Anthem, followed by the introduction of guests, the eloquent and notable MC. Dan Yori, welcomed dignitaries and personalities in attendance Such as comrade Ayo Ogedengbe , The National Communications Strategist of NRM, a resistant movement against oppression and Neo-colonisation, others Included Comrade(s) Opeyemi Havana, Lekan Olowu, Enietan Aliu, Ojo Victor, Lekan Ajibulu and Nayo, the SDP Chairmanship candidate for the December 12 Kabba Bunu Local Government election, Babalowe and a host of other personalities who graced the occasion.


It was after the introduction of guests that the MC handed over the microphone to Sheyi Babaeko the host, who set the ball rolling on what measures the MOP has in place to be able to Move Nigeria and Nigerians forward from poverty to prosperity, other questions included how the MOP intends to address the escalating security situation in Nigeria, the rising unemployment, the collapse of our educational and health sector.

The Politically Sagacious artist of note, Grammy Award nominee and activist of high repute wasted no time in tackling the questions raised by the host and the spirited audience.

On Security, he said collective efforts will be put in place to address Insecurity, he said MOP will invest hugely on human capital development, Infrastructure and rebuilding the Security architecture by increasing budgetary allocation to the Security sector, employ competent hands with modern equipments to eradicate Insecurity, he also said youths unemployment will be addressed with about 12-15% of the budget allocated to Agriculture.

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As a pan Africanist, with genuine commitment to build a New Nigeria, the MOP will return power to the people and that’s why we brought this message to Kabba, in Kogi State because of the strategic location of Kogi State, not minding the present oppressive Government in Kogi.

On the security, once again, let us all clearly note that ultimately, the more we secure the future of Nigerian people, the less insecurity there will be.

The budgetary allocation to education will be 25% and the very best of hands who are Nigerians will be called upon to revive the educational sector, with a review of our archaic curriculums, it is time to organize the Nigerian people and build the most advanced stage of political process that will remove Charlatans masquerading themselves as the peoples leaders, be it at the Federal, States and local Government levels he further posited.

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The program thereafter gave a 1 Minute silence in respect of all the victims of Endsars protesters who died across the country. followed by the inauguration of coordinators for MOP across the 21 Local Government.

With this inauguration, let all our oppressors be prepared for the movement of the people. Enough is Enough he concluded!

The Host thanked everyone for coming, called for group pictures and prayed that God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

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