By Engr. Ondeku


During times of famine and, in the heat of it in Africa, a dog became pregnant in the town of Ifuan in Ghana and, because there was a ruling that banned everybody from birthing as measure to depopulate and mitigate the strength of starvation in that town; people and other animals were supprised wondering what meals the dog would have to feed on and even feed her puppies once she’s delivered.

One day, a tortoise who was a friend asked, “my friend, you are pregnant in this famine period, what do you intend to feed your puppies with once they are delivered”? She answered, “fishes my friend, I had sighted a river close to the town where I will be catching the fish” the tortoise was obliged by this plans and left.

To this dog, apart from the nutritional values and the proximity of the river, catching fish is the most simple and easiest aspect of hunting exhibition because the fishes possesses no leg to run or wings to fly.

She eventually delivered puppies numbered up to 15 and immediately went for fishing as planned. On getting to the river bank, she met a drought, she sees not water except an estuarine and she realized she needed to enter the estuarine just to catch one. At this point, reality has dawn on her, she realized that famine is scarcity of food and water, she began to scratch for alternative. The fear of drowning supersedes her awe to catch the fish and, then she returns without one. She returned home and begins to feed her puppies with human excreta and dead animals just to sustain their lives. This was entirely different from her initial plans.

Life sometimes looks like this analogy. Growing up comes with lofty exuberance, rosy hopes and dreams but the reality of life had settled many of us with different courses today. This is a typical example of somebody who applied into a University to study Mechanical Engineering and eventually been offered Geology. Some of us, are consequential geologists to day not because that was our wishes but because that was what life offers. When the desirable is not available, the available becomes the desirable.

The dog never wishes to be eating the excreta, she had her plans but that was what life offers her. When next you will stone or mock a dog for eating your children’s excretory waste just remember they never bargain for such feeds. When next you will call that man a begger or poorman just remember that if wishes were choices, he too would have loved to be a giver.

Everybody likes good things! Nobody likes begging!! Be kind!!!

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