Our Calls For Gov. Yahaya Bello’s Presidency, Beyond Sentiments, Geared Towards Purposeful Leadership – Engr. Abubakar Ohere


Nigerians have been asked to look beyond mundane sentiments in choosing the next President of the Country come 2023.

Over time, it is not of place to say that ethnicity, religion and geographical location have largely informed who becomes the nation’s President.

But unfortunately, these narrow and selfish sentiments rather than unite the country and allow for building of a strong and united Nigeria, has not helped the nation’s match to growth and prosperity.

This reason which which has been used in determining who rules Nigeria has come to be agreed upon by majority Nigerians as setbacks, is now necessitating the call by some well meaning Nigerians for people to shun narrow and parochial interest in choosing who becomes the next President of Nigeria.

One of such well meaning Nigerian’s who think the time to begin to think of Nigeria as a country far and above just ethnicity and religion, but the ability to have a leader who can build a strong nation is Hon. Abubakar Ohere, Kogi State Commissioner for Works and Housing.

Speaking with the Newsmen, Engr. Ohere who is so passionate about a Gov. Yahaya Bello’s Presidency, says Gov. Bello may not have come from a very rich background, neither is he too old, a Yoruba, Hausa nor an Ibo Man, qualities in the past that help shape who become the nation’s President.

The Kogi State Commissioner for Works believes that Gov. Yahaya Bello may not have all of the narrow and parochial sentiments used in promoting Presidential candidates before now, says those of them presently clamouring to have Gov. Bello as President, are doing so based on his capacity to deliver.

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According to Engr. Ohere, ” Gov. Bello is not a Hausa Man, neither is he an Ibo or Yoruba Man, but he has what it takes to provide leadership, a criteria that should be the focus.

Engr. Ohere described Gov. Bello as one who is having age on his side, added that he also has the political will in taking decisions, qualities the nation leaders needs now more than ever before.

Engr. Ohere described President Mohammadu Buhari as a good man and with good conscience who wants to help the country, but lamented that unfortunately because he does not have age on his side, many people around him do what matters, thus placing the nation in a precarious situation.

The Kogi State Commissioner for Works and Housing frowned at those who still think that the nation’s Presidency should be about sentiments on the basis of Tribe and region, appealed to such people that what is needed for the nation to make progress now more than ever before is a man of courage in the mould of Gov. Yahaya Bello.

Engr. Ohere says what the nation needs now more desperately is a courageous leader in the mould of Gov. Bello who is not inclined to class, ethnic or religious inclination, said his kinds who are truthful and patriotic in leadership are hard and rare to come by.

While noting that all Gov. Bello said about covid19 and the reason why the nation ought not to have taken some measures it took then has now become a reality, said such courage of leadership is what stands Gov. Bello out for the nation’s Presidency.

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The Works and Housing Commissioner said now that the nation is going through another challenge of the second wave of Covid19 and contemplating another lock down, he urged Nigerian’s to listen to Gov. Yahaya Bello, trust him and trust him with leadership in moving the country forward.

He said rather than reducing the Presidency of Nigeria to narrow and mundane sentiments along lines of disunity, Engr. Ohere says purposeful leadership is what should occupy the minds of the people, called on people to shun sentiments that has failed the nation in time past.

He described Gov. Bello as a magician, says when you look at the performances of the Governor vis-a-vis the inflow of resources accrued to the state, you’ll have no choice but marvel at his ingenuity and to call him a magician.

The Commissioner disclosed that from the Multi billion naira Omi Rice, to road infrastructure, to Housing Projects, and to all the ongoing hospital Projects amongst several others ongoing amidst scarce resources, it would not be out of place to call him a magician.

Engr. Ohere explained that the clamour to have Gov. Bello seek to be the President of Nigeria come 2023 was a decision taken after a painstaking look at how he is able to manage scarce and available resources at the state level in meeting the yearning and aspirations of the people.

With the scarce resources, Engr Ohere says Gov. Bello has been able to make the desired positive impact in turning around the state’s security architecture, he was able to turn around development and infrastructural deficit, amongst numerous uncountable achievements with a short time, reasons why many well meaning Nigerian’s are promoting his Presidency.

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Engr. Ohere further explained that by the time the regular payment of salaries for workers in the state is removed from the resources available to the state and justapoxed with what Gov. Bello is doing, it is only expedient to say that if opportuned to be at the Presidency, with the right political will, his courage and ability to manage scarce resources, the nation would be better for it.

The Commissioner for Works and Housing says the nation more than ever before needs the thinking cap of Gov. Bello as President in tackling headlong the nation’s insecurity, and infrastructure decay, pointed out that what is at stake for the nation to make progress should not be sacrificed on the alter of mundane and parochial sentiments.

Engr. Ohere explained that people may rate the State low in their own uninformed estimation in terms of performances, urged them to take a critical look at the state’s inflow and how the resources are been managed to pay salaries and other over head, alongside the unprecedented development ongoing in the State, says only then will you will agree that after the payment of salaries nothing is usually left for development, yet so much is being achieved in all sectors of the state’s economy.

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