One Nigeria Means Equal Opportunity: North Central Deserves Presidency, GYB, A Better Option For 2023- Engr Wahab Jimoh


The proponents of democracy knew too well the complexity of human society when they propounded political egalitarianism which places members of a democratic state on the same pedestal in terms of political power or influence.

I am a strong believer of Thomas Jefferson’s school of thought which unambiguously pushed for political egalitarianism for a healthy society to protect the interests of minority and further strengthened their loyalty for the sovereignty of the state.

Without much ado, Nigeria as a country has not been able to address this pertinent issue which of course contributed to the dangling discord of our nationhood.

The idea of ‘one Nigeria’ in its truest meaning is an assurance that every geopolitical zone that make up the ‘Mighty Nigeria’ will have equal political power and influence to govern the country either to produce the President or the Vice President as the case may be.


It’s pertinent to state that as we believe ‘no Nigerian is more Nigerian than any other Nigerians’, it’s high time we add, ‘no geopolitical zone in Nigeria is inferior to produce the President neither is any geopolitical zone more important to govern’.

This is a concept we must adopt as we match towards 2023 electioneering phase. This beautiful symphony must not only be adopted by mere rhetoric, it must bind on us and guide our political belief.

Going by our political trajection, the North Central and the South-East geopolitical zones have neither produced the President of Nigeria nor the Vice President at any point, while the power players have been between  four other geopolitical zones.

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One Nigeria means nothing without equal opportunity in the same country,  if we must save and strengthen our nascent democracy, then we must be ready to reinvigorate the assurance that no geopolitical zone is inferior to govern the country and give the North Central and the South-East the opportunity to produce the 2023 Nigerian President and Vice President.

It is on this note I drum support for Kogi State Governor, who by providence happened to be from North Central geopolitical zone and the youngest Governor in Nigeria.

Just like the age long axiom holds, the choice of Governor Yahaya Bello is a round peg in a round hole; first it will answer the clamour for young people in governance and solve the long agitation for North Central to produce the President of the country.

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The power players in the country must look into this important factors as they shop for the best replacement of our dear President, President Muhammadu Buhari. The interest of our nascent democracy must be considered and know that North Central deserves the right to produce the next President of Nigeria. They must as well come to term that Without sentiment, Alhaji Yahaya Bello  is imminently qualified to fit in the big shoe of President Muhammadu Buhari in 2023.

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