My Christmas Message: Be touched by his humble birth – Evangelist Kingsley Fanwo Commissioner for Information and Communication



Be touched by his humble birth

He is the Messiah of the world, the son of the Most High. He is our savior. The powerful Jesus.

But He was born in a manger! A manger? Yes, a manger.

He was an embodiment of humility who started being humble at birth.

We can be like Him if we can climb down from our privileged positions and see others in us.

We can be like Him if we preach and act peace everywhere. He is the Prince of Peace.

We can be like Him if we care for others . He didn’t only feed people with the Word, he also gave them food.

He cared for the sick. He was a shining example that birthed CHRISTIANITY.

Let us use this period to live like Jesus. Hallelujah.

Wishing all of us Merry Christmas in advance.

Evangelist Kingsley Fanwo
Hon. Commissioner for Information and Communications

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