If you want to win, you must consult, build bridges, and understand that everyone counts because it is a game of numbers.


Arrogance will not get you elected. You can not act like you don’t need me now and expect me to support you. What will happen when you win?

The election in Osun state must have demonstrated that the masses do not care about the type of character that governs them; they don’t care about your posh English; they don’t care whether or not you are capable. Once they love you, they will support you. As an aspirant, you need people more than they need you.

Reach out to major stakeholders in your wards/local governments to encourage them to find a political solution to the problem in your party, in the larger interest of your party.

However, while the party is important, the party will not deliver you at the polls. Your reputation, personality, and how you resonate with people matter. Adeleke won despite his perceived lack of intellectual capacity.

If you don’t do all these, your arrogance will be dealt with by those you think are not important.

Arrogance will not win you an election.

Olu Meme!

Yagba West local government, Kogi state.

By joshua

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