Mukadam Asiwaju Idris Asiru, FCA, Commissioner of Finance, Budget and Economic planning, who also doubles as the Forum chairman of all commissioners, delightfully felicitate with the shining light of mopamuro as he joins the family, friends, political associates and numerous well wishers across the globe to say Happy birthday.

Asiwaju said, Fanwo is an illustrious and respected son of Yagba land whose drive and quest as always been altruistic service and collective good of the people. He thrive more on hardwork, discipline,dedication,compassion and dependence on God Almighty.

Aare Afiwagboye of Isanlu land expressed the fact that, Hon Fanwo is a fountain of wisdom,much more, why he’s the best in what he does- a media avatar. Your excellent performance and stellar scorecard as a public office holder saddled with managing the information of the state is an eloquent testimony of your unequal capacity, manifest competence and core professionalism.

You are my beloved brother in whom i am well pleased and whose support and cooperation I can rely upon. Even our principal and boss, Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello trust your loyalty, commitment to service and inclusive leadership style.

I am proud of you. Takete ide your immediate home prides in you. Orokere is happy to have you. Mopamuro is satisfied with your service. Yagba land is further valued with your stirdes. Okun and Kogites in general desires more of your humane service.

I pray God almighty grant you more wisdom,understanding and wherewithal to serve humanity best and keep on pushing the strings in the media world positively. Wish you long life, sound health and more of Gods graciousness.

Mukadam Asiwaju Idris Asiru
Commissioner of Finance, Budget and Economic planning
28th December, 2020


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