Mob Sets Trailers Ablaze Over Alledged Killing of Two in Lokoja


Anger following the killing of a baby and the mother has led to the burning down of  Trailers in Lokoja.



As at time of Report, three of the Trailers are up in flames.


Speaking with the Nigerianpost, the Commissioner of Police, Ayuba Edeh said if not for the timely intervention of the Police, more havoc would have been done to more of the Trailers.

According to eyewitness account. At about 10:30pm yesterday, a trailer knocked down an Okada Rider who was driving against traffic.

Angered by the immidiate death of a baby who was with his mother, a mob anger ensured, which led to the the burning of the trailers.

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The Report added that the mother and the Okada Rider are presently receiving treatment and in stable condition.

But the matter took another dimension as the mob transferred their anger on all Trailers passing through Ganaja.

The Commissioner of Police confirmed the accident, said the command has however brought the situation under control.

The Incident has however created a heavy gridlock on the Ganaja road, a road leading to the East of Nigeria.

The sufferings for motorists is equally made worse by the coming Yuletide, as many people are on their way home for the Christmas.

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