Kogi Kotonkarfe Frontiers For Ododo and APC, Making Desired Impact.

…. As Ododo’s aspiration unite Kogi LGA political actors.

By Abu Michael.

Ahead the forthcoming November 2023 Kogi State Governorship Election, the need to bring everyone on board, on same page in Kogi Local Government Area politics has taken the centre stage.

Similarly, the efforts to actualize the Governorship aspiration of Alhaji Usman Ahmed Ododo, the All Progressives Congress Governorship Candidate to emerge victorious in the forthcoming Kogi State Governorship election has taken the centre stage and has become the concern of Members of the Kogi Kotonkarfe Frontiers For Ododo and APC.

Recalled that Alhaji Ododo emerged the APC candidate in the party’s primaries. The people of Kogi LGA not wanting to take any chance, hit the ground running towards ensuring that the area is united in delivering handsomely for the APC.

Kogi Kotonkarfe Frontiers For Ododo and APC, presently occupies a vantage position in the Local Government, is a socio political organization with a difference and has thus far gained the confidence of the people of Kogi LGA in view of the result attained.

Until the effort by the group, it is not over stating the obvious that many political actors in Kogi LGA were at loggerheads, but things seems to have changed for the better with the group’s intervention.

One notable feature about the Kogi Kotonkarfe Frontiers For Ododo and APC, is the quality, respect and caliber of patriotic members in it fold, has membership that cuts
across the eleven Wards of the Local Government, began a sincere advocacy to all the political stakeholders and opinion moulders of the area on the need for unity of purpose that will help deliver the APC Governorship Candidate.

The action of the group is with a view to broker reconciliation amongst political stakeholders, establish a united front ahead the forthcoming November governorship election in the State and ensure that Ododo wins the area seemlessly.

It would be recalled that in the recent week, just like the APC Flagbearer, Alhaji Ododo who started reaching out to various political stakeholders after emerging as the Party’s Gubernatorial Candidate, the Group commenced a reconciliation move as well as reaching out to critical stakeholders of the State.

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Irrespective of political party affiliation, by setting an agenda so it seems, the Kogi Kotonkarfe Frontiers For Ododo and APC equally followed the footsteps of Alhaji Ododo in reaching out, has thus far made in roads, with political actors who over the months have held their guns now exchanging plesentaries unlike in the past and agreeing to work for Ododo.

In politics, it is not out of place owing to interest, to see divergent opinions amongst the people before and after election. This according to the Chairman, Kogi Kotonkarfe Frontiers For Ododo and APC, was noticed in the Local Government reason that necessitated the reconciliation visit.

For many watchers of the politics of Kogi LGA, it may not be noticeable, but there were actually divides that needed to be bridged, reason why the intiative by the Kogi Kotonkarfe Frontiers For Ododo and APC and with the result it has achieved, has attracted commendations both within and outside the Local Government Area.

The Kogi Kotonkarfe Frontiers For Ododo and APC is under the leadership of Alhaji Mohammed Gimba Danjuma as Chairman, with Nuhu Usman serving as Secretary, has some prominent technocrats like Alh. Abdullahi Yusuf Ohikwura and Salihu Adamu Usman, Education Sec. Kogi Kotonkarfe as some critical stakeholders who see the need for peace as veritable.

It is not in doubt that Kogi LGA from the results of the just concluded Presidential, National and State Assembly Election held in the State showed that the area is an APC controlled local Government but the need to still present a united front remain sacrosanct.

In the words of the Chairman, Kogi Kotonkarfe Frontiers For Ododo and APC, the 2023 Governorship election in the State is one that will be complex owing to the dynamics, reasons why the group believes there is the need to bring all hands on deck for an outright win.

Thus far, the Kogi Kotonkarfe Frontiers For Ododo and APC the Chairman disclosed is on record to have visited the who is who in Kogi LGA Politics, appealing and reconciling the aggrieved.

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Amongst those visited by the group in mending fences include; Hon. Shaidu Akawu Salihu, Abdulrahman Wuya, and Hon. Mohammed Danasabe former Commissioner for Transport Mohammed Awaal, with members literally on their knees on every visit appealing for unity and forgiveness.

The group would also described the Alhaji Ododo aspiration as one that would transform the State with Kogi LGA in particular, pointing out that his simplicity, heart of human kindness remains second to none.

The group has amongst others visited Hon. M.T. Musa, Chairman, Civil Service Commission, the House of Assembly Member, Representing Kogi State Constituency as well as Hon. Maikudi, the Assembly Member Elect, discussing why all hands should be on deck and asking members to put behind the past particularly with the glorious future that lies ahead for the people local Government if Alhaji Ododo wins.

Never in the history of Kogi LGA politics have the people shown such enthusiasm towards a candidate like they are now doing with the Ododo aspiration, reason why the group is insisting that any noticed differences between party members should be addressed.

The seriousness with which the Kogi Kotonkarfe Frontiers For Ododo and APC has made in road in settling and appealing for unity amongst political actors to for the sake of Ododo, has now made the APC Governorship Candidate a household name, deserves worthy commendation.

Towards making Ododo to overwhelmingly emerge victorious in the November governorship election, the group has also met with the former Caretaker Chairman of the Local Government, Dr. Ometa, Okpasco, Hon. Abdulraman Wuya as well as the Elders Advisory Council.

Similarly, the group met with Sheltu, Alhaji Audu Omoko, a respected Elderstatesman, who on wheel chair, gave his blessings to the Ododo project, described the peace making efforts of the Kogi Kotonkarfe Frontiers For Ododo and APC as unprecedented. Alhaji Omoko urged the group not to relent in their peace making move, promised his unalloyed support in making every move at reconciliation work.

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The group has also met with Ecomog, Dan Gomneti, Akabo, former APC Deputy Chairman, Hon. Osune, Hon. Zubairu, the HoD Budget, Odariko, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Rural Development, Secondary School Education Board. All the persons met lauded the effort of the group, praised the initiative as first of it kind.

Others the group also met include Hon. Abbas Y. Mamud, Hon. Wuya, with one of the Stakeholder and brain behind Kogi Kotonkarfe Frontiers For Ododo and APC, Alhaji Abdullahi Yusuf Ohikwura disclosing that no stone will be left unturned in the quest to achieving peace in the area and victory for Ododo and APC.

Thus far, a lot of ground Ohikwura explained has been covered, assuring that in the coming days when all parties in the Kogi politics would have been met and discussed with, assured that Kogi LGA would be total for Ododo and a no go area.

Also commenting on the reconciliation move by the group, Salihu Adamu Usman, Education Secretary Kogi LGA, added his voice, disclosing that there is no alternative to peace, praised all the persons visited for their open mindedness, expressed happiness at the new wave of peace, and unity blowing across Kogi LGA for Alhaji Usman Ahmed Ododo.

Alhaji Mohammed Gimba Danjuma,  Chairman, Kogi Kotonkarfe Frontiers For Ododo and APC says it is expected that even after the expected victory of Ododo in November, the group will remain in place, continue to make peace and seek for the socio economic development of Kogi LGA.

For now, Kogi Kotonkarfe Frontiers For Ododo remains a positive signature in Kogi LGA politics. They have suddenly become the Peace makers. The outstanding result they have attained is unprecedented. Without mincing words, if the effort of the group is finally realized, with strong indication already showing that it would be achieved, Kogi LGA in the forthcoming Kogi State Governorship election, courtesy of Kogi Kotonkarfe Frontiers For Ododo would present to Ododo and APC a signed, sealed delivered victory.

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