Kogi Guber: Beyond Tribal And Partisan Politics; Kogites Will Unite Against Egocentric, Insensitive And Self-Centred Gubernatorial Candidates – Otunba Adeniyi Olayemi (Somi Edumare).

Kogi Guber: Beyond Tribal And Partisan Politics; Kogites Will Unite Against Egocentric, Insensitive And Self-Centred Gubernatorial Candidates – Otunba Adeniyi Olayemi (Somi Edumare).

My dear people of Okun, it is my honour to address you at this point in time. With the recent conclusion of gubernatorial primaries across all political parties in the state, it has become necessary to bring some matters to the people’s attention, especially concerning their choice of candidate for the office of Executive Governor, Kogi State of Nigeria which must not be based on ethnic sentiments driven by selfish politicians so as to deceive our good people into voting them.

It is important to note the title above and all its connotations and implications in order to understand the danger of electing persons who above all else, apart from being basically heavily flawed in character, have any of these selfish traits because of what it portends for the state and its people.

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We cannot be blinded by tribal affinity because of our earnest yearnings for a turn at the helm of the state’s affairs.

The election of gubernatorial candidates who are egocentric, insensitive and self-centered can have devastating consequences for the citizens they are elected to serve.

These types of leaders are often more focused on their own personal gain and reputation rather than serving the needs and interests of the constituents.

Ego-driven candidates are often more concerned with advancing their own careers in politics or even Nollywood, and securing their own financial and political interests than addressing the issues that matter most to the people they represent.
This cannot be overlooked or swept under the carpet simply because he or she is one of us.

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Insensitivity will always manifest in the form of apathy towards issues that concern the people they serve, that is why they cannot present adequate representation because they do not know our dreams and aspirations. All they know are their lavish, extravagant and ostentatious lifestyles and even flaunting it all in front of us while the people starve. As if that is not enough of an affront itself, they make a spectacle of themselves in national and international arenas and forums in the name of Okun people!

Self-centered leaders are more likely to prioritize personal interests over the needs of the people which are quite evident to see in the way some of them have never worked an honest day yet feed fat on the national cake with no corresponding effect in their constituencies.

Instead it is all about corruption, scandal and abuse of power leading to barely surviving a recall by the electorate.
Therefore, this time we must choose and vote wisely and not be hoodwinked by those who have benefitted immensely and yet unfortunately have given absolutely nothing back to the people. We must guard against this with everything we have.
In conclusion, Okun people’s choice to elect the Executive Governor of Kogi State must extend beyond our desire to govern the state, instead the people must scrutinize the candidate’s history, records, values and principles to identify if they genuinely have the qualities required to represent the people of Okun in particular and Kogi State in general.

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Our chosen candidate should be competent, of good moral character and committed to the masses. At this time, we must look beyond ethnicity and partisan politics.


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