Kogi Council Election: Likely Winners and Losers.


Few hours to the commencement of the Kogi State Local Government Election, candidates of the ruling All Progressives Congress APC and the major opposition, PDP have intensified there one on one campaign with a view to swing votes in there favour. The public campaigns ended yesterday.

Candidates of the APC are not taking any chances at all even with the fact that the party controls the State as well as the Election being a state polls.

The efforts of the APC candidates our findings disclosed is hinged on the State Governor’s insistence to allow the Election go smoothly, without interference.

A source who preffered not to be mentioned had told the Nigerianpost, that the governor has promised to be a neutral umpire, telling the APC candidates to work for there victory as he has done the best he can for them in making them candidates.

For now unlike the expectations, the Camp of the APC is not financially comfortable as they had expected some support from the Governor, which unfortunately is not coming as at press time.

But even with there financial handicap, the APC is still better off than the major opposition PDP. The PDP is largely banking on there campaign promises made to the people to do better if elected and the perceived Failure of the ruling APC.

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For now the Election if allowed to go uninterfared with would be keenly contested.

The APC would likely be facing a stiff opposition of the PDP in Yagba Federal Constituency. The contest for the ruling APC would not be a child’s play in Ijumu, reason why the candidate has doubled his efforts, even with the alledged financing from a former Deputy Governoship Candidate and Member of the House of Representatives ably supported by a businessman, who also doubles as the DG campaign. Unfortunately, for the PDP, they would have to grapple with Organization and Institutions that is not under there control.
In Kabba Bunu, the ruling APC would be facing its toughest challenge in the Okunland. All things being equal, in a free and fair contest, any of the candidate would emerge winner.
The Candidate of the APC in Lokoja may have to enjoy voter aparthy, possible pull a fast one from the hinterlands as the PDP may not have the fire power, Institutions and funds for a rivalry. The Election in the township Wards if well conducted anytime and any day may not be in his favor.
Kogi LGA is still not safe in the kitty of any of the contenders for the Chairmanship. The APC seem together and better Organized than the PDP. It is however a contest for the fittest when the bells would be rang.

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The Council polls may be a straight way in the Central Senatorial District as the ruling APC may be safe to expect Victory but not too good in Okene and Adavi if the polls are freely contested for. For now OGORI-MAGONGO, Okehi and Ajaokuta is safe to call for the ruling party even as the fear of the opposition is causing them sleepless nights.

The Ruling APC would be better off in the East. Over the years the party has empowered some Persons who currently hold sway as leaders in the area. The APC is financially buoyant, has men on the ground and with the propensity to be more forceful when it comes to do or die politics, the party may over run the opposition PDP that has few men who are financially buoyant and do not have Institutional backings.
The tomorrow’s Election is one that the Deputy Governor would want to show supremacy. It is safe to say that Ibaji, Idah, Igalamela and Ofu are comfortable when justapoxed in strength of the opposition.
More safe however is the Ankpa Federal Constituency for the APC.
Dekina seem to be in the hands of the Ruling APC as it would be difficult for the party in Bassa all things being equal.

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For now the permutations on paper looks bright for the ruling APC with it political control over the last four years. Unfortunately, that control is usually challenge during Elections, as witnessed during the Last November Governoship election.

Like the State Caretaker Chairman of APC said in an interview. The election would be a clean sweep. The PDP Chairman, Engr. Sam Uhoutu sees things differently saying that his party would win all the Chairmanship Seats in the twenty one local government areas.

Which ever way the pendulum swings to for the Chairmanship would equally pull the results in the direction of the Councillors.

For now the D day is here and without fear of any contradiction, the Election may witness some flashpoint of violence, but at the end, it would produce winners and losers.



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